08 November 2019

Waypoints 2 and 3: Syracuse and El Paso

It's been some time since I've posted an update. Time has gotten away from me in our travels across the United States.

After our time in Michigan, we spent several weeks in Syracuse, NY, where Jenny grew up and where her parents still live. We are very grateful for the helpful initiative of New Testament Baptist and Faith Baptist Church of Baldwinsville in finding us a place to stay while we were there. It was nice to have a place to call our own while we were there—even if we spent a good deal of time most days with Jen's parents. Our meetings in Syracuse were profitable, and it was good to reconnect with our supporting churches there. We'll deeply miss our friends there over the next couple of years.
October had us traveling the I-25 corridor. After a weekend in El Paso, Jenny and I left the kids with my parents and met with our partner churches in Colorado Springs and Denver areas. What a great time we had renewing friendships with these dear brothers and sisters in Christ! A special treat was that we had the opportunity to hear my pastor from our church in Nairobi preach at Highlands Baptist Church. By the end we were eager to get back to see our boys but also sad that our time with these three churches had been so short.
After returning to my parents' place we spent time with our partner churches in western Texas and New Mexico. One highlight from this time was the opportunity to help Grace Bible Fellowship launch a class on preaching for some of the men in the church. I was grateful for the chance to get back to one of a favorite part of my job.
I'm writing from our last waypoint, Bakersfield, CA. We'll be here in California for most of the next two weeks and then back to Michigan where we fly home to Kenya.
Please pray for safety on the roads and in flights.
Pray for our last two Sunday meetings. We want to be used of the Lord to mobilize believers for his glory among the nations.
We treasure your continued partnership with us in the gospel of the Lord Jesus.

24 July 2019

Waypoint 1: Michigan

Josiah Other Youth at InterCity
Since our return to the United States about five weeks ago, we have been serving in several areas:
First, we have continued to serve at our home church in Nairobi. Through online calls, Jenny and I have continued to meet with two couples for their pre-marital counseling. I have also been able to sit in on an elders’ meeting to discuss and strategize about church-planting opportunities in Nairobi.
Second, we have been meeting informally with Detroit area pastors to reconnect and to update one another in our respective ministries and to think about possible ways that we can continue to seek partnerships for the sake of the progress of the gospel in Kenya.
Third, we have had several formal meetings with churches to report what the Lord has been doing in Kenya. We've visited our three supporting churches in the area: First Baptist Church, Lake Orion; Community Bible Church, Trenton; and InterCity Baptist Church, Allen Park. I'm thankful for opportunities to preach and teach adults during the Sunday school hour in addition to sharing a summary of our missionary work in Kenya from the last several years.
We will be travelling to Virginia this weekend for a quick trip to a supporting church in the Richmond area. Please pray for safe travel and fruitful meetings, both with the church and with individual members who have invited us to more personal meetings.
Our Ride at First Baptist Church, Sterling Heights
After a final week here in Michigan on a family retreat with InterCity, we’ll be moving to the Syracuse area where we’ll stay to report to our church partner there.
Pray for us as being away from our home in Kenya, our normal routine, and our beloved church family has stretched us physically and spiritually. Pray that the Lord would help us make the most of this opportunity as we seek to serve him in any way he chooses.
Thank you again for your faithful prayers for us!

07 June 2019

Goodbyes—and Hellos

The first week of May marked the end of our final semester of classes before returning to the States to report to our church partners. We are looking forward to time with friends and family we haven't seen for some time, but we're also sad to leave our church family here.

During the second week of May, I worked through oral exams with my students. It is always gratifying to see how well the students who give themselves to their studies do in answering difficult questions from Scripture.
Next came our strategic planning meeting with Pastor Doran. He and Pastor Ben Edwards came from our sending church to help EABST think through what it needs to do to continue improving as a school for pastors in Nairobi. Two Kenyan pastors also attended the meetings, and their input was indispensable. I'm so grateful for everyone's insight and help, and our team is eager to implement what we've learned.
After a brief team retreat to Lake Nakuru, we have been bustling about in meetings, tying up our discipling studies, and praying with many of our dear friends here that our God would keep and grow us until we meet again. One special delight was the opportunity we had to meet Tamanda, one of three babies born to members of Emmanuel Baptist. We hope to meet the other two little ones before we leave.
Keep us in prayer as we prepare for our time in the States. There are many last minute details to attend to, but God has been kind to continue grant solutions to issues one step at a time.