07 March 2019

On Single-mindedness

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting John Musyimi in our chapel at EABST. The school exists to equip men for pastoral ministry, and John's challenge from 2 Timothy 2 was spot on! He reminded us that the Christian life, and especially the life of a Christian pastor, is a soldier's life. The point was that we must leave behind self-pity and distractions and whole-heartedly serve as soldiers in order "to please his commanding officer" (2 Tim 2:3–4).
We are nearing the midway point in our semester at EABST. Christian Family has proved to be a very insightful course for me, and I trust helpful for the students as well. It's enlightening to consider how society is pressing our families into its mold, and how we are called to be transformed on account of God's mercy by the renewing of our minds.
Please continue to pray for our students. Pray that they will give their ministry opportunities and local churches their due priority while juggling school and home responsibilities.
Please pray for us teachers. We long for these men and women to be equipped for a lifetime of service to Christ's church, but that takes the Holy Spirit's work through our feeble efforts.
Please also pray for our preparations for our Stateside assignment beginning in June. Things are beginning to come together, but there are many details yet to resolve.

14 February 2019

Meeting Friends

Three weeks ago a dear friend and counselor from the States visited us briefly. Rob's visits are always a treat, and we're thankful for the thoughtful advice and encouragement that always come with his visits. Jenny and I took the opportunity to discuss some of last year's efforts and look ahead to this year's big goals. Pray that the Lord would help us fulfill our desires for good in 2019 (2 Thess 1:11).

Last week, we have had the privilege of meeting with some coworkers who work in Tanzania. One family stopped by on their way back to Tanzania after a Stateside assignment; and at the same time two ladies who work with the children's home there happened to be passing through on a research trip. We always enjoy our time together comparing notes and recounting our various travel adventures. It's often deeply profitable for me to hear what my colleagues there have been reading and how it has been helping them in their ministry context. This was an especially big gathering, and we had a blast.
Please continue to keep us in prayer:
  • I'm teaching at EABST on the Christian family and on the church's mission—two critical classes for the sturdy progress of the gospel in East Africa. Pray for diligence, insight, and growth for the students.
  • We're counseling several engaged couples to prepare them for marriage. Pray for open, profitable, healthy conversations that God uses for Christlikeness in our marriage and in those we counsel.
  • We're preparing for a Stateside assignment in the second half of this year. Pray for wisdom and skill in filling the calendar with current and potential supporting churches. (If you're interested in a visit please contact us!)

23 January 2019


Earlier today, I received a kind email from a church who holds the rope for us Stateside. The church member asked me how they could be praying for us. It's incredible to think how many are keeping us in their prayers. We are grateful for your faithfulness in partnering with us in the gospel.
Here's the gist of how I responded:

  • Please pray for folks in our church who have lost friends in a recent attack by a terrorist group in our city. Pray for the families of those who lost loved ones that the comfort found in the gospel would be an anchor for their soul.
  • Please pray for our church planting efforts in three other towns in Kenya: Karen (very near Nairobi), Kajiado, and Nakuru.
  • Please pray for wisdom for our church's leaders as we seek to equip the body of Christ to exercise the responsibilities of membership—making and maturing disciples and guarding the gospel.
  • Please pray for our pastoral students at EABST as we equip them with the Word.

Also, thank the Lord for the safety he has graciously granted to our family and church.

And thank the Lord for godly, gifted men that he has brought our way, eager to partner in the work of the gospel.