17 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

05 December 2017

28 November 2017

Conclusions, Conferences, and Christmas Prep

Classes for the second term of 2017 have come to a close. The deadline for our grading is fast approaching (just over 72 hours away)! My favorite class this term was our Old Testament Survey course. I'm looking forward to next year's Bible reading to revisit some of our conclusions in the class. Please pray for perseverance for students and teachers alike as we complete oral exams and some lingering assignments as well as assessments.
As the semester drew to a close we welcomed Dr. Steve Lawson to speak to us on the topic of the Reformation. I especially appreciated the way that Dr. Lawson used the lives of the reformers as a means to pointing to the gospel. These were deeply flawed men, no doubt, but God used them to reawaken an awareness of the good news of justification by faith alone and a commitment to the authority of the Scriptures over the lives and consciences of Christ's followers. We continue to pray that God would use our efforts to spark a similar fire of reformation here in Kenya and beyond.
The family and I enjoyed a long weekend after the busyness of the conferences to celebrate Thanksgiving and make some preparations for Christmas. We've begun our long anticipated advent readings from a familiar storybook Bible. Let's pray together that God's Spirit would grant us all a sense of wonder at the incarnation of Christ, especially rejoicing in the success of the Son's mission to earth and his victory over sin and death through the cross.

31 October 2017

Happy Reformation Day!

It's been encouraging to see friends here in Kenya post on social media about the Reformation's anniversary today. The Lord is at work spreading an unwavering devotion to his Word and a passion for the pure gospel throughout our city. What a privilege to be a small part of what he's doing!

One way we're seeking to spread the flames of reformation through the thick brambles of man-made religion is by equipping church leaders with the Word. Our school year is nearing its completion, and each course, from Old Testament Survey to New Testament theology to Methods in Writing, aims to give pastors and others the tools they need to serve. Please continue to pray for impact beyond the academic.
On the home front, we've enjoyed a special visit from my mom this month. We sneaked away for a quick trip to a game park a few of hours out of town while she was here. We're grateful for this opportunity to connect with family and to make these memories. Our God is kind beyond measure in ways big and small.
Please be in prayer for Kenya as the political situation remains unstable. Kenya’s elections this year have been marred by various complications. The Supreme Court declared the original presidential election of 8-Aug invalid, and the second one (26-Oct) was poorly attended in large measure because one of the main candidates was convinced that the problems with the first vote had not been fixed and asked his supporters to boycott the second. We’re still waiting to hear what will come of that second vote. In the meantime, political violence has erupted, the economy has slowed, and crime has escalated. We have been safe as a family, but the instability has certainly touched places we frequent and people we love. Please pray that God would grant wisdom, humility, and integrity to our leaders here as well as peace and justice to the Kenyan people.