31 December 2020

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

16 December 2020

13 November 2020

Back to Work

As many of you know, Jenny and I share a birthday in mid-October. We were born in different years but on the same day of the year. As you might imagine, we often celebrate it like an extra anniversary. This year our birthday happened to coincide with the timing of a retreat for our missionary team organized to reconnect as families. Our family had not traveled at all since the lockdown began in March, so it was good to get away for a few days and to have a chance enjoy one another and God's creation.

Since returning, I have been busy mostly with pastoral responsibilities. We're involved in regular counseling, and I'm working with the pastoral staff to keep track of members we haven't seen during lockdown and teaching our church's membership class. I've also been working to keep up on my studies and discussing next year's opportunities to train African pastors for ministry. It looks like I will be teaching Hebrew next semester. The one class will be offered both locally and as an online class for students at Central Africa Baptist University.

03 October 2020

Studies Begin

The last several weeks since my last update have kept Jenny and me busy with many in person meetings. We're grateful for these opportunities to pour our hearts into members of our church and other friends as we seek to help one another follow Jesus. These meetings include marriage and pre-marital counseling, church membership interviews, as well as Bible studies.

In addition to this pastoral work, it has become clear that the time is right to begin formally honing my own skills for the task of training men for ministry. Pursuant to that goal, I have begun studies in the Old Testament department at The Master's Seminary in California. My first class is both exciting and a little intimidating: I'm studying Akkadian, the language spoken by Israel's neighbors (and eventual conquerors) in Assyria and Babylonia. Having some background with these languages can help shed some light on biblical Hebrew as well as help us understand the culture and literature that a person like Daniel would have encountered in the exile. Pray that as I sharpen my tools for the task that I would manage my time wisely and work hard for God's glory.