27 June 2005

Why do I admire Benjamin Keach?

I admire Benjamin Keach because he was a coauthor of the 1689 Baptist confession which expresses the backbone of the Particular Baptist faith (to which I find myself a happy, if nuanced, adherent). I admire him because he was tenaciously abandoned to the dictates of Christ over his conscience and over his mind. I admire him because, though he was unwilling to bend against persecution, he was easily bent by the teaching of the Scriptures. Though he had already written and published Arminian teachings, Keach was willing to retract his statements, admit his errors, and proclaim the truth shamelessly. I suppose I admire Benjamin Keach because he is an ordinary man with an enormous God. Once he had seen through the gospel the glory of God in the face of Christ, he wouldn't let go of him for the world.

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