14 February 2006

It's Just Entertainment

This was not what I expected to read first when I surfed over to Christianity Today's website. I also appreciated both sides of the conversation in the comments here last month.

Entertainment and the Christian is a topic I would like to spend some time writing about, but there is a lot of reading I want to do first. Some questions that need attention might be:
(1) Is entertainment as such an acceptable pasttime for a Christian?
(2) Is it morally valid to expose oneself to forms of entertainment which are objectionable due to violence or language?
(3) Is it possible to expose oneself to these forms of entertainment for non-entertainment purposes (e.g. literary or cultural studies)?
(4) Do the forms (e.g. books and movies) differ only formally when they present violence, for example, or are some forms acceptable and others inacceptable for the Christian?

One thing that is certainly not on the table is depiction of sexual activity. Christ's exhortation to "gouge [your right eye] out and throw it away" (Matt 5:28-29) is utterly incompatible with exposing oneself to this material in any form of entertainment.

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