03 March 2006

Quote of the Day

Quote of the day (from H. Richard Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture, p. xlix):

The distinction between the median types arises from the variations in their methods of combining the disparate elements in Christian ethics. Three main groups seem distinguishable—the synthesists, the dualists, and the conversionists; but since ‘synthesis’ and ‘dualism’ are big words, we may indicate the types more accurately by naming them architectonic, oscillatory, and conversionist.



T. Baylor said...

Thanks for clearing that up.

Jeremy Pittsley said...

In context it makes a little more sense, but I couldn't resist.

Tim Barker said...

Awesome quote to put out there. I think that seems like it might be a cool idea on how to considering how to approach to Christian and her relationship to our culture.

Jeremy Pittsley said...

The book is interesting and insightful, indeed. I just liked how he tried to clarify "big words" by using longer and more obscure ones. I think he might have meant "big" in the sense that they have broad semantic ranges, but it reads funny regardless.