31 March 2006

Stumbling Blog -- 1Cor 1:23

This holds some promise and may be worth watching.

Frank "Centuri0n" Turk explains the future constituency of a new blogging community:
"We're Baptists of the most-wicked kind, the ones who aren't ashamed of being Baptist and radically-engaged in promoting reformation (not reinvention) in the church body."

On the format of the new blog-community, Centuri0n continues:
I think that the problem [with so many good posts going unread] is a blog problem and not a blogger problem: you don't have a chance to sample the goods in a sidebar, but if you had the chance to read the "headlines" or the blurbs, you'd be in for a LOT of them.

Here's what it boils down to:
A blog aggregator which requires the participants to stay inside a confessional gate – like the Cambridge Declaration, substantiated by one of the 4 major confessions – will set the bar a lot higher in terms of content and real meat.

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