10 April 2006

Lunacy and Stupidity: Helpful Tools Along the Way

The other day I found Joe Carter trying to get beyond legalism. I really liked what he had to say.

It's so much easier as a parent, a principle, or a dean to institutionalize a standard without explaining the theological framework behind it. When one examines a practice from the perspective of a Christian theist, the conclusion is often more evident than we want to admit. Anyway here's his take on tongue-piercing:

One doesn’t have to be a Victorian-era prude to see that the idea of drilling a hole through the tongue and then inserting an irritating stud is lunacy. Yet point out the obvious and people will tell you to mind your own business, you meddlesome busybody.

Bob Bixby had also few pensées along these lines recently:

Therefore, though I happen to think the Bible does give some good arguments [for abstaining from alcohol], I also think that the two I am about to give are pretty good:

1. I urge people to abstain because I hate what drinking alcohol does to people.
2. I urge people to abstain because I think drinking alcohol is stupid.

Certainly the Scriptures are our sole authority in faith and practice. Certainly we should not bind the consciences of others beyond the clear inference of Scripture. But the Scriptures enjoin us to live wisely; therefore, we should seek Biblical, theological wisdom whenever we look to an issue not directly or indirectly addressed in a text.

I have one more thing to say about revelation before I am done, but I wanted to point these posts out first. By the way posting may be sporadic in the next few weeks as the end of the semester looms too closely for discretionary time.

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