14 June 2006

Westminster Wednesday--Historical Introduction

My Historical Theology professor included this helpful paragraph in his notes on Puritanism. I thought it was a good, concise way to introduce people to the historical context of the Westminster Standards.

Summoned by English Parliament in 1643 in the midst of civil war against Charles I (1625–1649), the Westminster Assembly met to restructure the Church of England [as well as Northern Ireland and Scotland] along the lines of Presbyterianism. There was overwhelming unanimity on adopting a strong Calvinist theology against Arminian and Roman Catholic errors. The assembly’s confession, completed in December, 1646, is a classic Protestant expression of the Reformed faith and the most influential confession in the English speaking world.(Gerald L. Priest, "Theological Systems in American Church History" [class notes, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, Summer 2006], p. 11.)

In unrelated news: I plan to say more about worship when I figure out what I believe;)

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