10 February 2007

1 Timothy -- Introduction

TimotheusI'm thinking about posting this semester on the theology and application of 1 Timothy. The posts will be a product of a class I am taking in seminary, but I hope to get beyond the academic and post something of the significance of each paragraph for present-day affairs.

This will probably be the main thing I do with the blog over the next couple of months, but it will not be the only thing. If I have time, I may do a few Westminster Wednesday posts, and I'm not finished saying what I have to say about Christ and Culture. But this 1 Timothy material will be central.

Writing on a book of the Bible will have drawbacks. I decided long ago that blogging and exegesis of the original languages are not yet compatible. Some of my readers will probably be grateful that they don't have to wade through that, and that's okay. I am just warning others of you that I'll be very reluctant to address exegetical details in this venue, even when provoked. But discussions on theology and application are eagerly anticipated and will be warmly welcomed.

Like many of Paul's letters, 1 Timothy arises from a situation in which his apostolic authority is being questioned. However it seems that the rejection of Paul's (and therefore Christ's) authority is seen through the rejection of Paul's representative to the Ephesian church, Timothy. The letter is written to authenticate Timothy's authority and to encourage him to keep up the battle for the truth in the minds of the Ephesian believers.

The battle for truth, the battle to maintain the gospel from distortion, is a battle that continues today. So Paul's letter to Timothy has compelling relevance for our situation.

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Unknown said...

Wow, I started out studying I Timothy back in November, but haven't gotten very far. I must admit that part of it is a lack of self discipline, shame on me! I'll be sure to check for some postings and thoughts. It never hurts to learn from others that are learning! (One thing I dearly miss about IC!)