14 October 2007

Updating This Old Thing

Updating the Spot
Last post was August 1! It's all flown by rather rapidly. Josiah is talking more and more lately and “says the darnedest things” as expected. Jenny and I had a great time in Nairobi when we visited for two weeks in August. Dan Huffstutler and I have been able to get to together to talk things through a bit. From what I can tell, I think we will get along with the Huffstutlers and Weavers quite well. Pastor Pearson and I have been emailing back and forth about our joining Grace Baptist Mission.

In other news, I am doing my seminar paper on the atonement and common grace. My hypothesis is that the warning passages in Hebrews (esp. 10:29) and a few other texts forge an exegetical connection between the two concepts. Up to this point, I’d been relying on a purely theological construct to make the connection between the common grace and the atonement. This paper seeks to shore up the point a bit. Dr. Compton had me do an article critique on a Zane-Hodges type interpretation of the warning passages which provided a necessary interpretational first step in demonstrating my hypothesis. In Amos, I will be writing on the theological basis for the condemnation of the non-Israelite nations in chapters 1-2. No connection to the atonement on that one, just a lingering question that I’ve wanted to explore.

So that's a quick overview of the semester. I hope to post more frequently in the future, but most of my time at the keyboard is eaten up by writing for school these days. So blogging may be skimpy until I finish the Th.M. in July.


Bob McCabe said...

Jeremy, I am looking forward to reading both of your papers. I am intrigued by an exegetical argument that ties common grace to the atonement, though I have always felt that the theological argument demanded this conclusion. I also look forward to reading your paper on Amos. This is an important paper, as well.

Anonymous said...

I will look forward to your paper as well. Glad to have an update :-)