17 November 2008

Complexities of Partnership

Put 'er there.
Last week's deputation time was invested in assembling the necessary materials for our information packets to go out to pastors. I also spent some time researching and filling in the blanks for some of the contacts that I received through my seminary's database. I have a lot of church names without pastor names, so I'm hunting down what information I can online before contacting these pastors.

I've been encouraged by some of the ministries I've glimpsed through the websites. Reading statements of faith and missionary questionnaires doesn't tell me a great deal about the church, but it can give me a feel for what they care about and think is important. I hope some of these churches will be able to become partners in our mission.

This point brings me to a prayer request. Because these churches don't all agree to a standard statement of faith, there are many differences of content between my statement and theirs. I need wisdom and humility to know where I can present my ministry in good faith that I will represent these churches well in Kenya. On one side, I need to be clear about what I believe and not cave to pressure for the sake of support; on the other side, I need to keep the gospel central and be willing to cooperate beyond my preferences for the sake of its progress. The fact that my paycheck and departure date are dependent on the support of partners tends to cloud the issue; pray that it won't.

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