01 December 2009

Fun Times and Beautiful Scenes

View from the street outside our house.We're spending a bit of time right now in El Paso, TX, where I grew up. As I mentioned in my Thanksgiving post, we are thankful for the opportunity to spend some time with my family during the holidays. In typical El Paso fashion, it snowed most of yesterday, but the snow's nearly gone now. The nearby mountains have kept some of their snow.

Site of ETS Conference: Sheraton
Before coming here, I flew from San Franscico to New Orleans for the national ETS conference. I enjoyed a number of the lectures I heard, but the best part was seeing some of my seminary professors and friends from seminary. I came back spiritually refreshed and recommitted to pursuing the treasures found through rigorous mining in the Scriptures.

Pittsleys at the Beach
Before that, Jenny and I enjoyed getting to know Calvary Baptist Church of Hollister during a missions conference there. The fellowship among the missionaries during this conference was especially sweet. The church's heart for missions and the cause of Christ was evident.

Pray for continued health and safety as we round out this year's meetings. We will be traveling to Colorado Springs at the end of this week.

EDIT: I'm supposed to remind my supporting churches of two things:
  1. Please send all support checks payable to Grace Baptist Mission with my name in the memo blank.
  2. Please consider attending an exciting conference for college age students: SGI 2010

26 November 2009

Stream-of-Consciousness Thanksgiving

Here are a number of items I don't deserve listed in the order that they occurred to me:
  1. That my penultimate destination, Kenya, has good coffee.
  2. That my ultimate destination has Jesus.
  3. That all I needed to qualify for the gospel call is to be a sinner.
  4. That my wife loves me.
  5. That I'm home for the holidays.
  6. That I'll have the chance to get to spend some time with old friends in the new year (DV).
  7. That I won't be hounded by my old ways in the new earth.
  8. That the gospel has saved/is saving me from the futility of multifarious idolatries.
  9. That four churches have decided this year to partner with us for the progress of the gospel in East Africa.
  10. That my work on the foreign field will benefit from the influence of experienced missionaries and national pastors.
  11. That Josiah finally ate all of his turkey.
  12. That my boys still seem to like having me around.
  13. That Jenny and I love our in-laws respectively.
  14. That our in-laws love us each respectively.
  15. That my dad and I share appreciation for a good cup of coffee.
  16. That my brother works for Starbucks.
  17. That so many people have been willing to give themselves to forming my mind in accordance with the lordship of Christ.
  18. That I can enjoy time with family without all the drama that family gatherings often entail.
  19. That grace in Christ frees us from the penalty of sin.
  20. That grace in Christ secures the smile of God.
  21. That grace in Christ cracks the skull of our old master, sin.
  22. That grace in Christ affords an eternity of wonder and joy in God's presence.

19 October 2009

California and Colorado

Time's flying!We've already had three meetings this month, and we're looking forward to a missions conference later this week.

Our first opportunity to present our ministry was Sunday evening, 4-Oct. We got into California a day or two earlier than we needed to be there, so we decided to visit our friends in Bakersfield. The afternoon we arrived in Bakersfield, Phil Elie, one of my contemporaries in seminary, happened to be doing a bit of caulking work on the house they recently purchased. So I decided to offer my help in exchange for some valuable on-the-job training. Caulk is cheap.Together, we got all the windows sealed quite quickly.

The next morning we were challenged by Pastor Mark as he continued a series he is doing on the gospel. That morning's message was from 2 Thessalonians 1, where Pastor Mark made the point that the destiny of the unsaved is the wrath of God, being separated from his glorious presence and from every good thing he brings into our lives. We were challenged to take to our neighbors the only message of hope available, the gospel of Christ.

Santa Clarita Baptist ChurchThat evening we traveled closer to Los Angeles to present our work to Santa Clarita Baptist Church. I was pleasantly surprised to find some friends from Northland there; it's always nice to see familiar faces. The church was very attentive to our ministry presentation, and I was able to discuss a number of good questions with members both during the presentation and after the evening service.

Pear Park Baptist ChurchWe got off to a late start Tuesday morning, and we had a long drive ahead of us. We didn't arrive in Grand Junction until the early morning hours, but when we got there, we were greeted by a beautiful guest home directly adjacent to Pear Park Baptist Church. That night we were glad for the chance to take part in their prayer meeting. It was strikingly centered on praying for efforts to reach out to various unsaved friends and family of members.

We went through our first snow of the season on our way to Denver the next day. My parents had arrived in Denver the day before we got there. It was neat to have a chance to spend a bit of time with everyone. I also took the opportunity to spend some time studying at a local seminary library.Mountain Snow
That Sunday we attended Highlands Baptist Church. They support some friends from seminary who are also currently on deputation. Two passionate commitments stood out as we visited this church: expository preaching and focused evangelistic training for the church membership. Though we had no previous personal connection with this church, I immediately felt the kinship we had in these common commitments.

I have been having computer problems lately; I'm currently typing from a public library computer while my laptop sits in the shop. That's why I have not been able to make the progress on the newsletter that I intended. Before the end of the week, I hope to be able to send out print copies of the Autumn newsletter and upload the requested lite version of the newsletter for easier download. I will update this space when I am able to complete those objectives.
Please remember us in prayer through the next two months. Autumn is typically a season for missions conferences; and missions conferences are typically our best opportunity to find ministry partners. Each new partner is a step toward ministry in Kenya.

God has been good to keep us safe and healthy, especially during this particularly vicious flu season. That's always a concern with little, little ones like Jonas. Thank you so much for praying.

02 October 2009

2009 Autumn Newsletter

The autumn newsletter is ready for download. Print versions will be going out to our churches in the next week.

29 September 2009

A Bit of Time Back in ABQ

We just enjoyed the first Sunday home since mid-August. It's been good to catch up on mail and rest and other home responsibilities. I just finished writing a few pastors that we've visited recently, expressing our gratitude for making deputation such a pleasant experience for us.

We were so grateful for good meetings over the last few weeks. First, we met with Lighthouse Baptist Church in Eagle Mountain, UT. Come to the Light!I enjoyed reconnecting with Matt Ortega and meeting his family for the first time. He shared with me some of the challenges of ministry in a primarily Mormon context. At the end of a long conversation on the point, he reminded me that, while detailed critique of Mormonism has its place, the gospel is what the people of Utah need, just like the people of Kenya, and anywhere else. He encouraged me to take a visit to the LDS headquarters in Salt Lake City, and I took him up on it. I'm glad I did, what an enlightening experience!

Next, we were back in California for a meeting with First Baptist Church in Pinole. First Baptist in beautiful PinoleI was excited to have an opportunity to teach the adult Sunday school in addition to the regular preaching time in the evening. They were very attentive and asked some excellent questions about the lesson. (The lesson was on mining truths from narratives, using 1 Sam 15 as a test case.) I am eager to have this kind of opportunity every week when we reach our destination!

I should be posting an Autumn newsletter soon, so watch this space!

Please pray for:
(1) Safety as we travel again to California and then to Colorado in the coming weeks.
(2) Autumn is typically a time for allergies for us, and flu season is supposed to be especially bad. Please pray for our health.
(3) Pray for God's timing and provision for getting to Kenya.

10 September 2009

4204 Miles Later

It's been too long since my last update. We had two rescheduled meetings at the beginning of August, so I didn't have much news to share at that end of the month. Then with back-to-back meetings and lots of travel, I haven't made time to sit and update things.

Getting there!The beginning of August was spent in El Paso, TX, helping a couple of regular financial supporters (who also happen to be responsible for my genetic fabric) with a big painting project. They enjoyed the company of their grandchildren, Josiah and Jonas. I enjoyed another manual labor project that will help fill up what is lacking in my mostly theoretical missionary education. A rescheduled meeting allowed us to spend more time on the project than we had planned. That turned out for the best because equipment issues made the painting project take longer than anticipated.

Heavenly SeriesWe were able to catch two meetings before the end of the month. The first meeting was at Seacoast Church, Redondo Beach, CA. The pastor there worked at my church in El Paso when I was young. It was at his house, during a summer backyard Bible study, that I was converted. It was neat to share some old fond memories with them and to get to know this congregation of believers. Pastor Huddleston was in the middle of a series on the glory of heaven. A quote he brought from Puritan pastor John Owen stuck with me. He didn't give the specific reference for Owen in the sermon, but I think this is where the quote came from with some of its context: "We know that they who like not grace here, neither do nor can like that which is glory hereafter. No man who is not acquainted experimentally, in some measure, with the life, power, and evidence of faith here, hath any other heaven in his aim but what is erected in his own imagination" ("Of Spiritual Mindedness," The Works of John Owen, vol. 7, p. 338).

Continental BaptistThe next week, we were in Tucson, AZ, at Continental Baptist Church. Pastor Mike Gradwell welcomed us into his home. That Sunday morning, he challenged his church to be wary of the hour and power of temptation from the story of Joseph in Genesis 39. We appreciated the reminder, especially as Pastor Gradwell brought it back in the end to our need for grace in Christ to resist temptation. While we stayed with the Gradwells, Josiah enjoyed a fun time with their four delightfully active young boys. Needless to say he was sorry to leave as soon as we did.

Smalltown, CAAfter a day or two back in Albuquerque, we attended our first missions conference of the year. In Sonora, CA, we were challenged by one missionary who is working in North Africa and another who represents a mission board with missionaries around the world. The missions conference, though it was short, did afford us some extra time to get to know some of the people of Grace Baptist, and we were grateful for the opportunity.

American Fun in American ForkThis week we're in American Fork, Utah, presenting to a church planted by one of my friends from Hebrew class in seminary. We're looking forward to touching base again with friends and getting to know this church. Next week takes us to Pinole, CA, and then we'll have some back time in Albuquerque.

We praise the Lord for (1) an emerging, workable rhythm in travel with the kids, (2) health and safety on the roads, (3) several good meetings and good hope for future partners, and (4) the generosity and hospitality of God's people in the churches we have visited recently.

Pray with us for (1) wisdom in parenting, (2) continued health and safety, (3) more churches to partner with us, and (4) mutual encouragement of faith in our meetings and conferences.

25 July 2009

1000+ miles and 2 meetings

It's hard to believe that it's been less than three weeks since I last posted. That was over a thousand miles and two missions presentations ago! We're so glad to continue to gain momentum in this pre-field ministry.

Grace Bible ChurchOn 12-Jul, we presented our ministry at Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs. We had a great time sharing the service with a special music concert given by a traveling family group. Although we hadn't made explicit plans for it, the service came to be centered on the gospel. Their music and testimony was a challenge to us to make family life centered on the cross of Christ. Their message segued nicely into ours: the gospel of God is so good, it should be spread beyond our nation to the ends of the earth.

G'day from the Boomerang Express!We also had the privilege of diving into ministry with this church as we helped them with vacation Bible school. Each day we had an opportunity to relate the day's theme (Following Christ, Worshipping Christ, Confessing Christ, Serving Christ, Obeying Christ) to our mission as a family and to missions in general. I took the opportunity to expand my own knowledge by teaching the kids some Swahili vocabulary and John 20:21 in Swahili. We had a blast!

High Country Baptist ChurchOn the 19th, we served at High Country Baptist Church. It was good to see the Parkers again. We overlapped some during our time in seminary. Their joy in ministry was evident as they continue working in this new church plant. Like with Lifepoint Baptist in Apple Valley, CA, we were encouraged to see God providing the church with gifted and grounded leadership for equipping this new body of believers.

Some sort of aquatic creatureAs a bonus, we enjoyed a brief visit with my brothers in Denver. We have seen very little of them since I started seminary, so I've been very glad for the chance to reconnect. My brother Jordan, his girlfriend, Alexis, and Josiah enjoyed an afternoon at the Denver aquarium on Monday. It's great to be back out West!

Next week, I will be making some more phone calls and preparing for upcoming meetings in Arizona and California. Pray that I am able to connect with more ministry partners and that God keeps us all safe and healthy as we seek to serve him here in the Southwest. We praise him for the grace he has given in caring for our needs and granting us joy in his cause.

07 July 2009

Serving at Northwest Baptist and New Newsletter

Grace Bible ChurchI wanted to give one more update before we leave on our first series of meetings since Jonas's birth. We are excited about the prospects of working with Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs, CO, as they put on a vacation Bible school for the children in their community. Our work there will begin 12 July; we will leave Friday, Lord willing.

While Jenny has been recovering, I have been glad for the opportunity to teach at Northwest Baptist Church. Kids from Northwest BaptistThey were very receptive as I taught through a three-part summary series of 1 Timothy. They also allowed Jenny and me to take on junior church responsibilities during these weeks that we couldn't be away on meetings. I have been so glad for these opportunities to serve.

We've produced the summer edition of our newsletter. It's available for download here.

Praise Report:

  • Great time of teaching and serving at Northwest Baptist
  • Northwest Baptist has agreed to take us on for financial support
  • Jonas and Jenny's continued health2009 Summer Newsletter

Prayer Requests:
  • Mutual encouragement of faith through missionary presentations
  • Health and safety
  • More meetings to present our work in 2010
  • God's provision and timing for our departure to Kenya

16 June 2009

Reaching Toward the New Normal

The Obligatory Just-After PicWe are so thankful to God for answering all of your prayers and ours from the last few months! Baby Jonas Liam (LEE-um) Pittsley came into the world at 9:42pm on 2-Jun! Based on Josiah's size (8 lbs 8 oz at birth), Jenny's doctor decided to induce labor on Jenny's due date this time around. We're glad she did because Jonas was 8 lbs and 15oz, 20 inches! Mom and Baby are both recovering nicely as we reach the two week mark. Other than marginally quick breathing, which calmed down while we were still at the hospital, Jonas gave the doctors and nurses no cause for concern. His first doctor's appointment last Friday went well too. Praise the Lord!

Lately, I've switched to the night shift, covering for Jenny while she sleeps. My aim has been to use the quiet night hours to prepare messages for upcoming meetings. Jonas hasn't been entirely cooperative with me here. (What was I thinking, "Quiet hours"?) Babies have a tendency of interrupting plans and wrecking thought trains; it's good preparation for the mission field! 1 boy + 1 boy = 1 proud daddy =)
Jonas is particularly interested in cuddling up and making a pillow out of my shoulder. And, of course, I find it hard to say no. Nevertheless, I have been able to continue making calls and set up meetings during the day, and progress continues to unfold on that front.

Pray for us as we try to establish a new normal with the baby around. I've meetings scheduled through the end of this year, but I would like to have at least Jan-Mar of next year done before our return to regular meetings and travel on 10-Jul. I would also like to complete a series on the sermons in Acts by that point and make significant progress on a Hebrew research project that needs to be ready for this autumn.
Now that Jonas is two weeks old, we will be transitioning to a more disciplined schedule with him. Pray that the schedule takes easily, and pray too that he is able to travel well with the new structure we're trying to build into his life. This is going to be an adventure, and at every point we are reminded of our need for God's help.

29 May 2009

Still Waiting

There's not really much new to report from the last couple of weeks. Everything may be summarized in a few bullets.

  • Jonas has not come yet. At Jenny's appointment today they told her that they would discuss induction at her Monday appointment if the baby has not yet come. Pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby.
  • I am preparing to set up meetings for this year and next. Pray for God's timing in getting us to the field. We would still like to make it before the end of next year.
  • I have the opportunity to teach adult Sunday school and junior church while we're here in Albuquerque waiting for Jonas. I'm very happy about the opportunity to serve.
I'll be sure to update everyone with Jonas news when there is something new to report.

12 May 2009

Calling Contacts and Email Subscription

Call, call, call!The last couple of weeks have been generally uneventful as Jenny continues her weekly doctor visits, and I continue to make calls to set up meetings with pastors. All of Jenny's check-ups have been normal. It's hard to imagine we'll have a baby around in three weeks or so! I may get one or two more meetings squeezed in for this year, but now I'm working mostly on next year's meetings. It has been good for me to see God provide in these ways.

I was able to attend a regional pastors' conference here in Albuquerque early last week. The pastor I grew up under at Sun Valley Baptist introduced me to a number of new contacts there. I am now working through all of the churches in that fellowship and contacting many of their pastors. I think of it as a hunt for those churches that God has planned for us to partner with. I always have to remember that, though God uses means to accomplish his wise plan, our trust should not be in the means, but in the God whose plan can never fail.

Feedburner®!In other news, I have finally set up an email subscription form. If you are interested in partnering with us in prayer, please type your email into the form here on the right sidebar of my blog under "Subscriptions and Your Email." You will receive by email these blog posts and the quarterly newsletter; I will not use your email address for any other purpose. If you have already contacted me with this request, you will have received a verification email from Google's Feedburner today. Simply verify your email address to begin receiving email updates from me. We have already seen the grace of God in our lives as he works on behalf of those who call on him for our sake; thank you for partnering with us in that way.

29 April 2009

Newsletter and Brief Cali Tour

2009 Spring NewsletterThe last couple of weeks I have continued making calls to set up meetings. I'm over 20 meetings for this year now, and I also have 2 meetings set up for next year. Sometimes making the calls can almost feel like going to dozens of job interviews each day. But God has been good in answering prayers as I've been able to get more accustomed to the peculiarities of this work and as more pastors have welcomed us into their churches. Here's an article that summarizes many of the thoughts I have been preaching to myself to help me readjust my perspective. Before we left for California, I also gathered some pictures and published our first quarterly newsletter. The newsletter is available as a .pdf for download here.
On the road again!It was exciting to see how God has provided so many well-grounded believers who are willing to serve as members in this recent church plant. Pastor Bryan's long term ministry goals pointing to a self-replicating church planting movement in Southern California match our own mission for Kenya; what an encouragement to be with like-minded coworkers in God's field!

Next we went to Calvary Baptist of Marina. This kind church with broad missions interests put us up for a few days and even gave us a pass to a nearby aquarium for while we were there. Josiah loved it. A visit to the nearby beach also made these few days memorable for us. The assembly of believers there encouraged us by their faithfulness to Christ's cause even in the face of local opposition in their community.
Little Andrew Elie at Crossway

Finally, I returned to Crossway Baptist Church in Bakersfield. Jenny and Josiah weren't with me last time I came, so I wanted to give the church an opportunity to meet them. We had such a profitable time of fellowship with the Brocks and Elies while we were there! I also enjoyed my talks with Tom Zartman, Juliana's dad and missionary to Mexico. His vital love for God's Word and zeal for Christ's mission was a shot in the arm.

Praise Report:

  • Good meetings in California
  • Profitable fellowship with friends
  • Safety in travel
  • Jenny's continued health
Prayer Requests:
  • Profitable fellowship with pastors at an upcoming regional pastors' conference
  • Jenny's and Jonas's continued health
  • More meetings to present our work in 2009 and 2010
  • God's provision and timing for our departure to Kenya

06 April 2009

Alameda and Sun Valley

El Paso's Finest FareThe Pittsleys have returned to Albuquerque from a couple weeks in El Paso, TX, home of the inimitable Chico's Tacos. We had a great time visiting with Sun Valley Baptist Church for three Sundays. This was the church I grew up in. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are from that church and from Northeast Christian Academy, one of Sun Valley's ministries. How does it--umm. How does it work?We were challenged by Sun Valley's commitment to biblical doctrine, to God's holiness, and to preparing for Christ's return. Staying with my parents for a while was also enjoyable. My dad is making sure that before I leave I know how to do all the handy-man stuff I was too dense to pick up while growing up. I also enjoyed seeing my brother, Jordan, for the first time since 2006; he was there on his spring break for part of the time.

Before our trip we spent a Sunday with Alameda Bible Church here in Albuquerque. We were encouraged by their long-standing commitment to Christ and his word; the week before we came, they recently celebrated their 70th anniversary. The pastor spoke about the possibility of helping with the spiritual emphasis week their Christian school has at the beginning of the school year. That would be a fun opportunity.

Praise Report:

  • Good meetings at Alameda and Sun Valley
  • Sun Valley pledged financial support
Prayer Requests:
  • Jenny's health as she enters the last two months of pregnancy
  • Continued success in setting up meetings

11 March 2009

Crossway Baptist and TMAI

It's been a busy few weeks on the deputation trail for the Pittsleys. I spent much of the week of 22-Feb continuing to call pastors to schedule meetings. I'm making progress on that front, but it's an ongoing project and prayer request. We need more meetings and more supporting churches to be able to start serving in Kenya. I also spent a good deal of time preparing for a week-long trip to California that I took last week. In addition to the normal planning and packing, I needed to track down and purchase a couple pieces of equipment that would allow me to do my DVD presentation in small churches that do not own a data projector and DVD player.

Last Sunday I was able to present our ministry to Crossway Baptist Church in Bakersfield, CA.Crossway's Charter ServiceThe young church had never had a missionary in to present his ministry before, so it was a neat opportunity to introduce them to the worldwide cause. Pastor Mark Brock challenged the congregation from Romans 10 and the church's responsibility to worldwide missions. We're so thankful for the welcome and astounding generosity of this young church.

I knew both Pastor Mark and Pastor Phil Elie while I was in seminary, so it was also nice to be able to reconnect with them and visit with their families during my visit. We hope to have an opportunity to visit again as a family when we're on our way back through from other meetings.

Monday and Tuesday were the last two days of a symposium for The Master's Academy International. The Master's Academy InternationalTMAI is an organization that facilitates the creation of theological training schools all over the world. It has come to incorporate a network of 15 like-minded theological schools and teachers around the world. It was a privilege to be invited to observe as the teacher-missionaries presented their ministries. I was so glad to have to opportunity to listen to people experienced in the same tasks that our team plans to be involved in. I'm certain that hearing their joys and challenges was a foretaste of what is in store for us in the future.

At the end of last week, I was able to meet up with my ministry partner Dan Huffstutler at a pastors' conference where we were both able to meet some new contacts and reconnect with some old friends. We stayed with the Dunhams while attending the conference. Kyle Dunham has been a teacher at one of the spiritual leadership conferences that we've held at the Weavers' camp near Nairobi, Kenya. I had one class with Kyle in seminary, but I never really got to know him or his family, so I am glad I had the opportunity to deepen the acquaintance.

The Dunhams, me, and 'Huff-daddy'
Praise Report:

  • Safety in travel
  • Great meeting with the Brocks
  • Good time to reconnect with Dan H. and the Dunhams

Prayer Requests:
  • Continued success in setting up meetings
  • God's timing in picking up support
  • Family health (especially with Jenny due in June) and safety in travel

17 February 2009

Meeting at Northwest Baptist and More to Come

Update!Someone had asked if I could update the blog again so that a ladies' group from our home church could knowledgeably pray for our deputation endeavors. I am more than happy to comply.

Yesterday was our first meeting out here in the Southwest. It was also the first time (though I'm sure it won't be the last) that I had an opportunity to do all three services. My admiration for pastors who do three services every Sunday grew appreciably! We had a wonderful time sharing with the believers at Northwest Baptist Church our desire to know God and to reach Kenya.

I was also able to set up a meeting last week with C rossway Baptist Church in Bakersfield, CA. I went to seminary with the pastor there, Mark Brock. He said that I would at least be able to present the ministry on March 1 and that I may also be preaching. I hope that this won't be the only time we get to visit the Brocks and this church while we're here in the Southwest. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

I'll round out this note with a few requests:

  • Pray for wisdom as two churches (Northwest Baptist here in Albuquerque and New Testament Baptist in Syracuse, NY) make decisions about our support.
  • Pray for more meetings as I talk to pastors about presenting our work.
  • Pray for safety and provision as we travel to these churches.

06 February 2009

The Big Game, the Big 03, and the Little Tweets

It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks here in Albuquerque. If you've been following my Facebook status updates or my Twitter, you are already versed in my activities. If you haven't been following them, here's the rundown:

(1) Sunday before last we visited Northwest Baptist Church for the first time. Pastor Scott Snyder, his wife Renee, and the rest of the church family were very welcoming. With a number of families our age in the congregation, we began to feel at home quite quickly. We will probably be attending this church when we are not in meetings at other churches.
(2) That Wednesday I met with Pastor Scott to discuss his contacts in the region and to set up a church meeting for 15-Feb. I'll be teaching or preaching all three services. I asked for that date because it would give me a chance to refill my stock of prayer cards. Our other two churches depleted the supply quite rapidly!
(3) I was finally able to get into the library at Chafer Theological Seminary. I still would like to be able to find a bigger library nearby, but this one will definitely help. Their language section will be especially valuable.
GiMP!(4) Late last week and most of this week, I've been working on getting packets together to send out to churches. This entailed a couple of projects working with GiMP (an open source graphics editor). I spent a great deal of time preparing a business card to go in the packets. I was able to get 30 cards printed this week for this week's and next week's packets, and I was able approve the proofs for a 1000 card order today for future packets. Pray that churches have open hearts to our visits and that we have a passion to minister to them through the gospel of God's glory in Christ.
Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike
Other events included Josiah's 3rd birthday. We had a blast with him last Thursday going to a mall and then Chick-Fil-A, each of which had it's own play place. So, to Josiah's delight, he got to play in two play places in one day. My aunt got him a tricycle that just came in today. He's pretty excited about that too.

Also the Big Game was last Sunday. My dad and older brother came, and we watched it together. I had picked Arizona as the underdog/closest-thing-I-got-to-a-home-team. For awhile there it looked like they would pull it off--oh well.

22 January 2009

A New Home Back Home

Last Tuesday, the Pittsleys arrived at their new home in Albuquerque, NM. I've enjoyed getting back to the Southwest and introducing Jenny and Josiah to some of the things that I grew up with that you don't find in the Great Lakes Region.

We have everything for (ri)ch and delicious ponches. It really is astounding how different and foreign two parts of the same country can be to each other. When I called to cancel my DTE Energy service, the attendant asked where they should send the final bill. Mantequilla y MargarinaWhen my answer included "Albuquerque, New Mexico," he replied with the all-too-well-known question, "That's still in America, right?" Despite the lack of geographical confidence he displayed, I think he may have had a point. The other day we went to a local grocery store that had signs only in Spanish. Even the Wal-Mart has signs in both Spanish and English. Who says you have to cross national boundaries to do cross-cultural ministry? I love it!

Chiles--We got that.It's also fascinating to see how two different cultures can meet and melt into each other. Today we had some green chile cheeseburgers from Blake's Lot-A-Burger, a regional chain. Jenny said that they were "pretty good--for a burger." Whatever! They were unbeatable. It's so good to be back home.

We visited a small Bible church on Sunday. The pastor said that they may be willing to allow us to present our ministry there soon, so we are looking forward to that. We're not sure yet if we'll always be attending this church when we're not in meetings. There are a couple of others we'd like to visit before we make that decision. But it appears to be a faithful congregation of like-minded believers, so I'm sure we'll visit again. Please join us in praying for wisdom in this area and for more church meetings as well.

Also, I am in search of a local theological library that I can visit and use to further my studies and begin to develop curriculum for the school in Kenya.