22 January 2009

A New Home Back Home

Last Tuesday, the Pittsleys arrived at their new home in Albuquerque, NM. I've enjoyed getting back to the Southwest and introducing Jenny and Josiah to some of the things that I grew up with that you don't find in the Great Lakes Region.

We have everything for (ri)ch and delicious ponches. It really is astounding how different and foreign two parts of the same country can be to each other. When I called to cancel my DTE Energy service, the attendant asked where they should send the final bill. Mantequilla y MargarinaWhen my answer included "Albuquerque, New Mexico," he replied with the all-too-well-known question, "That's still in America, right?" Despite the lack of geographical confidence he displayed, I think he may have had a point. The other day we went to a local grocery store that had signs only in Spanish. Even the Wal-Mart has signs in both Spanish and English. Who says you have to cross national boundaries to do cross-cultural ministry? I love it!

Chiles--We got that.It's also fascinating to see how two different cultures can meet and melt into each other. Today we had some green chile cheeseburgers from Blake's Lot-A-Burger, a regional chain. Jenny said that they were "pretty good--for a burger." Whatever! They were unbeatable. It's so good to be back home.

We visited a small Bible church on Sunday. The pastor said that they may be willing to allow us to present our ministry there soon, so we are looking forward to that. We're not sure yet if we'll always be attending this church when we're not in meetings. There are a couple of others we'd like to visit before we make that decision. But it appears to be a faithful congregation of like-minded believers, so I'm sure we'll visit again. Please join us in praying for wisdom in this area and for more church meetings as well.

Also, I am in search of a local theological library that I can visit and use to further my studies and begin to develop curriculum for the school in Kenya.

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