06 February 2009

The Big Game, the Big 03, and the Little Tweets

It's been a pretty busy couple of weeks here in Albuquerque. If you've been following my Facebook status updates or my Twitter, you are already versed in my activities. If you haven't been following them, here's the rundown:

(1) Sunday before last we visited Northwest Baptist Church for the first time. Pastor Scott Snyder, his wife Renee, and the rest of the church family were very welcoming. With a number of families our age in the congregation, we began to feel at home quite quickly. We will probably be attending this church when we are not in meetings at other churches.
(2) That Wednesday I met with Pastor Scott to discuss his contacts in the region and to set up a church meeting for 15-Feb. I'll be teaching or preaching all three services. I asked for that date because it would give me a chance to refill my stock of prayer cards. Our other two churches depleted the supply quite rapidly!
(3) I was finally able to get into the library at Chafer Theological Seminary. I still would like to be able to find a bigger library nearby, but this one will definitely help. Their language section will be especially valuable.
GiMP!(4) Late last week and most of this week, I've been working on getting packets together to send out to churches. This entailed a couple of projects working with GiMP (an open source graphics editor). I spent a great deal of time preparing a business card to go in the packets. I was able to get 30 cards printed this week for this week's and next week's packets, and I was able approve the proofs for a 1000 card order today for future packets. Pray that churches have open hearts to our visits and that we have a passion to minister to them through the gospel of God's glory in Christ.
Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike
Other events included Josiah's 3rd birthday. We had a blast with him last Thursday going to a mall and then Chick-Fil-A, each of which had it's own play place. So, to Josiah's delight, he got to play in two play places in one day. My aunt got him a tricycle that just came in today. He's pretty excited about that too.

Also the Big Game was last Sunday. My dad and older brother came, and we watched it together. I had picked Arizona as the underdog/closest-thing-I-got-to-a-home-team. For awhile there it looked like they would pull it off--oh well.

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