17 February 2009

Meeting at Northwest Baptist and More to Come

Update!Someone had asked if I could update the blog again so that a ladies' group from our home church could knowledgeably pray for our deputation endeavors. I am more than happy to comply.

Yesterday was our first meeting out here in the Southwest. It was also the first time (though I'm sure it won't be the last) that I had an opportunity to do all three services. My admiration for pastors who do three services every Sunday grew appreciably! We had a wonderful time sharing with the believers at Northwest Baptist Church our desire to know God and to reach Kenya.

I was also able to set up a meeting last week with C rossway Baptist Church in Bakersfield, CA. I went to seminary with the pastor there, Mark Brock. He said that I would at least be able to present the ministry on March 1 and that I may also be preaching. I hope that this won't be the only time we get to visit the Brocks and this church while we're here in the Southwest. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

I'll round out this note with a few requests:

  • Pray for wisdom as two churches (Northwest Baptist here in Albuquerque and New Testament Baptist in Syracuse, NY) make decisions about our support.
  • Pray for more meetings as I talk to pastors about presenting our work.
  • Pray for safety and provision as we travel to these churches.

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