06 April 2009

Alameda and Sun Valley

El Paso's Finest FareThe Pittsleys have returned to Albuquerque from a couple weeks in El Paso, TX, home of the inimitable Chico's Tacos. We had a great time visiting with Sun Valley Baptist Church for three Sundays. This was the church I grew up in. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are from that church and from Northeast Christian Academy, one of Sun Valley's ministries. How does it--umm. How does it work?We were challenged by Sun Valley's commitment to biblical doctrine, to God's holiness, and to preparing for Christ's return. Staying with my parents for a while was also enjoyable. My dad is making sure that before I leave I know how to do all the handy-man stuff I was too dense to pick up while growing up. I also enjoyed seeing my brother, Jordan, for the first time since 2006; he was there on his spring break for part of the time.

Before our trip we spent a Sunday with Alameda Bible Church here in Albuquerque. We were encouraged by their long-standing commitment to Christ and his word; the week before we came, they recently celebrated their 70th anniversary. The pastor spoke about the possibility of helping with the spiritual emphasis week their Christian school has at the beginning of the school year. That would be a fun opportunity.

Praise Report:

  • Good meetings at Alameda and Sun Valley
  • Sun Valley pledged financial support
Prayer Requests:
  • Jenny's health as she enters the last two months of pregnancy
  • Continued success in setting up meetings

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