29 April 2009

Newsletter and Brief Cali Tour

2009 Spring NewsletterThe last couple of weeks I have continued making calls to set up meetings. I'm over 20 meetings for this year now, and I also have 2 meetings set up for next year. Sometimes making the calls can almost feel like going to dozens of job interviews each day. But God has been good in answering prayers as I've been able to get more accustomed to the peculiarities of this work and as more pastors have welcomed us into their churches. Here's an article that summarizes many of the thoughts I have been preaching to myself to help me readjust my perspective. Before we left for California, I also gathered some pictures and published our first quarterly newsletter. The newsletter is available as a .pdf for download here.
On the road again!It was exciting to see how God has provided so many well-grounded believers who are willing to serve as members in this recent church plant. Pastor Bryan's long term ministry goals pointing to a self-replicating church planting movement in Southern California match our own mission for Kenya; what an encouragement to be with like-minded coworkers in God's field!

Next we went to Calvary Baptist of Marina. This kind church with broad missions interests put us up for a few days and even gave us a pass to a nearby aquarium for while we were there. Josiah loved it. A visit to the nearby beach also made these few days memorable for us. The assembly of believers there encouraged us by their faithfulness to Christ's cause even in the face of local opposition in their community.
Little Andrew Elie at Crossway

Finally, I returned to Crossway Baptist Church in Bakersfield. Jenny and Josiah weren't with me last time I came, so I wanted to give the church an opportunity to meet them. We had such a profitable time of fellowship with the Brocks and Elies while we were there! I also enjoyed my talks with Tom Zartman, Juliana's dad and missionary to Mexico. His vital love for God's Word and zeal for Christ's mission was a shot in the arm.

Praise Report:

  • Good meetings in California
  • Profitable fellowship with friends
  • Safety in travel
  • Jenny's continued health
Prayer Requests:
  • Profitable fellowship with pastors at an upcoming regional pastors' conference
  • Jenny's and Jonas's continued health
  • More meetings to present our work in 2009 and 2010
  • God's provision and timing for our departure to Kenya


Dan Winnberg said...

We are praying for you guys that you continue to pound the pavement and that churches will partner with you quickly and with high financial support!

Jeremy Pittsley said...

Thanks, Dan. We appreciate it.