16 June 2009

Reaching Toward the New Normal

The Obligatory Just-After PicWe are so thankful to God for answering all of your prayers and ours from the last few months! Baby Jonas Liam (LEE-um) Pittsley came into the world at 9:42pm on 2-Jun! Based on Josiah's size (8 lbs 8 oz at birth), Jenny's doctor decided to induce labor on Jenny's due date this time around. We're glad she did because Jonas was 8 lbs and 15oz, 20 inches! Mom and Baby are both recovering nicely as we reach the two week mark. Other than marginally quick breathing, which calmed down while we were still at the hospital, Jonas gave the doctors and nurses no cause for concern. His first doctor's appointment last Friday went well too. Praise the Lord!

Lately, I've switched to the night shift, covering for Jenny while she sleeps. My aim has been to use the quiet night hours to prepare messages for upcoming meetings. Jonas hasn't been entirely cooperative with me here. (What was I thinking, "Quiet hours"?) Babies have a tendency of interrupting plans and wrecking thought trains; it's good preparation for the mission field! 1 boy + 1 boy = 1 proud daddy =)
Jonas is particularly interested in cuddling up and making a pillow out of my shoulder. And, of course, I find it hard to say no. Nevertheless, I have been able to continue making calls and set up meetings during the day, and progress continues to unfold on that front.

Pray for us as we try to establish a new normal with the baby around. I've meetings scheduled through the end of this year, but I would like to have at least Jan-Mar of next year done before our return to regular meetings and travel on 10-Jul. I would also like to complete a series on the sermons in Acts by that point and make significant progress on a Hebrew research project that needs to be ready for this autumn.
Now that Jonas is two weeks old, we will be transitioning to a more disciplined schedule with him. Pray that the schedule takes easily, and pray too that he is able to travel well with the new structure we're trying to build into his life. This is going to be an adventure, and at every point we are reminded of our need for God's help.

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