25 July 2009

1000+ miles and 2 meetings

It's hard to believe that it's been less than three weeks since I last posted. That was over a thousand miles and two missions presentations ago! We're so glad to continue to gain momentum in this pre-field ministry.

Grace Bible ChurchOn 12-Jul, we presented our ministry at Grace Bible Church in Colorado Springs. We had a great time sharing the service with a special music concert given by a traveling family group. Although we hadn't made explicit plans for it, the service came to be centered on the gospel. Their music and testimony was a challenge to us to make family life centered on the cross of Christ. Their message segued nicely into ours: the gospel of God is so good, it should be spread beyond our nation to the ends of the earth.

G'day from the Boomerang Express!We also had the privilege of diving into ministry with this church as we helped them with vacation Bible school. Each day we had an opportunity to relate the day's theme (Following Christ, Worshipping Christ, Confessing Christ, Serving Christ, Obeying Christ) to our mission as a family and to missions in general. I took the opportunity to expand my own knowledge by teaching the kids some Swahili vocabulary and John 20:21 in Swahili. We had a blast!

High Country Baptist ChurchOn the 19th, we served at High Country Baptist Church. It was good to see the Parkers again. We overlapped some during our time in seminary. Their joy in ministry was evident as they continue working in this new church plant. Like with Lifepoint Baptist in Apple Valley, CA, we were encouraged to see God providing the church with gifted and grounded leadership for equipping this new body of believers.

Some sort of aquatic creatureAs a bonus, we enjoyed a brief visit with my brothers in Denver. We have seen very little of them since I started seminary, so I've been very glad for the chance to reconnect. My brother Jordan, his girlfriend, Alexis, and Josiah enjoyed an afternoon at the Denver aquarium on Monday. It's great to be back out West!

Next week, I will be making some more phone calls and preparing for upcoming meetings in Arizona and California. Pray that I am able to connect with more ministry partners and that God keeps us all safe and healthy as we seek to serve him here in the Southwest. We praise him for the grace he has given in caring for our needs and granting us joy in his cause.

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