29 September 2009

A Bit of Time Back in ABQ

We just enjoyed the first Sunday home since mid-August. It's been good to catch up on mail and rest and other home responsibilities. I just finished writing a few pastors that we've visited recently, expressing our gratitude for making deputation such a pleasant experience for us.

We were so grateful for good meetings over the last few weeks. First, we met with Lighthouse Baptist Church in Eagle Mountain, UT. Come to the Light!I enjoyed reconnecting with Matt Ortega and meeting his family for the first time. He shared with me some of the challenges of ministry in a primarily Mormon context. At the end of a long conversation on the point, he reminded me that, while detailed critique of Mormonism has its place, the gospel is what the people of Utah need, just like the people of Kenya, and anywhere else. He encouraged me to take a visit to the LDS headquarters in Salt Lake City, and I took him up on it. I'm glad I did, what an enlightening experience!

Next, we were back in California for a meeting with First Baptist Church in Pinole. First Baptist in beautiful PinoleI was excited to have an opportunity to teach the adult Sunday school in addition to the regular preaching time in the evening. They were very attentive and asked some excellent questions about the lesson. (The lesson was on mining truths from narratives, using 1 Sam 15 as a test case.) I am eager to have this kind of opportunity every week when we reach our destination!

I should be posting an Autumn newsletter soon, so watch this space!

Please pray for:
(1) Safety as we travel again to California and then to Colorado in the coming weeks.
(2) Autumn is typically a time for allergies for us, and flu season is supposed to be especially bad. Please pray for our health.
(3) Pray for God's timing and provision for getting to Kenya.

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