26 November 2009

Stream-of-Consciousness Thanksgiving

Here are a number of items I don't deserve listed in the order that they occurred to me:
  1. That my penultimate destination, Kenya, has good coffee.
  2. That my ultimate destination has Jesus.
  3. That all I needed to qualify for the gospel call is to be a sinner.
  4. That my wife loves me.
  5. That I'm home for the holidays.
  6. That I'll have the chance to get to spend some time with old friends in the new year (DV).
  7. That I won't be hounded by my old ways in the new earth.
  8. That the gospel has saved/is saving me from the futility of multifarious idolatries.
  9. That four churches have decided this year to partner with us for the progress of the gospel in East Africa.
  10. That my work on the foreign field will benefit from the influence of experienced missionaries and national pastors.
  11. That Josiah finally ate all of his turkey.
  12. That my boys still seem to like having me around.
  13. That Jenny and I love our in-laws respectively.
  14. That our in-laws love us each respectively.
  15. That my dad and I share appreciation for a good cup of coffee.
  16. That my brother works for Starbucks.
  17. That so many people have been willing to give themselves to forming my mind in accordance with the lordship of Christ.
  18. That I can enjoy time with family without all the drama that family gatherings often entail.
  19. That grace in Christ frees us from the penalty of sin.
  20. That grace in Christ secures the smile of God.
  21. That grace in Christ cracks the skull of our old master, sin.
  22. That grace in Christ affords an eternity of wonder and joy in God's presence.

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