08 January 2010

Holidays and SGI

Shining the Light of Jesus
The Pittsleys have enjoyed a restful time over the holidays. At the beginning of December we presented our work to Lighthouse Baptist Church in Colorado Springs. I will long remember being thankful to visit this church because they were zealous about sound teaching and because the wise pastor works to keep the main thing (i.e. the gospel) the main thing.

To know God and to make him known.
In between the morning and evening service at Lighthouse Baptist, we took the opportunity to visit the believers at High Country Baptist Church during their afternoon service. The weather prevented us from spending long there, but in the past I've enjoyed the doctrine class they do for adults in the afternoon. This visit was no disappointment! Solid doctrinal depth strengthens the soul for the task.

We spent Christmas and New Year's in El Paso, TX. We were showered with gifts from family and from churches who are partnering with us. God has been so good in his lavish care for us through you. Thank you all who were a part of it.

Put it on.I just returned from an excellent missions conference at my sending church, InterCity Baptist. My own resolve for the mission was significantly strengthened by the worship, preaching, and workshops. Interestingly, one of my future partners has recently been picking up some of the same lessons through Kenya's drought that I've been learning here:

I learned a valuable lesson from the drought. You see, when the soil is rich and the rains are good, the trees on the property are healthy and strong.... When the drought comes, the trees are stripped to their bare minimum - it is survival mode. Anything that is not needed is cast off. Some of the trees lost all of their leaves in order to survive.... Now a few months later, they are full of leaves and flowers. The trials this past year have made me re-evaluate what is important and what is necessary.... Just like the trees, if you make it through this period, you can come out stronger and possibly bear even more fruit than before because you have focused on making the tree stronger.

Tomorrow morning we're taking off for California. We have meetings there all the way through the 31-Jan. On the weekdays during the rest of the month, we'll be staying with the Brocks and helping out where we can with Crossway Baptist Church. We're eager to get involved directly in local church ministry and thankful to the Brocks for the opportunity.

Please pray for health and safety, for more ministry partners as the church's we visited last year determine their budgets, and for our own growth in holiness and Christlikeness.

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