03 February 2010

A Few Meetings in California

Calvary Bible of Lucerne ValleyDirectly after our last update, we travelled to Bakersfield, CA, where we would be staying most of the month. We have been so grateful for the Brocks allowing us to stay with them while we visited area churches.

My first visit was to Calvary Bible Church in Lucerne Valley. I had travelled a number of miles to be at the service, so I remember arriving a bit tired. But it was invigorating to see what the Lord Jesus is doing there as his people are coming to a renewed zeal for proclaiming the gospel to their loved ones and friends. I was glad to have been among them.

Kids at CrosswayDuring the month I was able to work with Pastor Mark Brock of Crossway Baptist on a series he is preparing to use for outreach. Jenny and I enjoyed having opportunities to serve and help where we could. And they were an immeasurable encouragement to us too. It was pleasantly surprising to see how many in the church were not around when I presented last time. Pastor Mark gave me the opportunity to present the work again as well as to preach to this vibrant congregation.

Last Sunday we were given the chance to present our mission to Faith Baptist Church of Orange County. We were surprised to meet a number of people there with whom we shared friends and acquaintances. This committed group of believers evidenced a deep-seated compassion for the lost in their own city and around the world. I'm thankful for their example.

Please pray for us as we travel today and throughout February. We need safety, and we long to find ministry partners. Pray also for productivity and skill as I attempt to get our information packet updated and sent out to potential partners.

Praise the Lord for a good month of meetings and for being our Shepherd every mile of the way.

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