23 June 2010

Coming Around Again

Alameda Bible Church
Since we have been back from our tour of the West, we have been spending our time touching base with two churches where we made a few friends last year.

Two weeks ago, we returned to Northwest Baptist Church. If you have been following us for long, you'll know that Northwest Baptist became our home during the months leading up to Jonas's birth. We've seen much less of them since that time, so it was good to visit. We are so thankful for their partnership in the gospel!

Call, Call, Call!
Last Sunday, we visited Alameda Bible Church. This was the first church we visited when we moved to Albuquerque, and we have enjoyed continued contact with them since. It was good to see a number of familiar faces and a couple of new ones during our visit. Their friendly welcome and attentiveness to the word was encouraging to me.

I am currently filling my days with calls to pastors for more meetings. At any given time, I am working on a list of 50 churches. When I contact a church, I cross it off and add another to the top of list. It's exciting to see the Lord fill up the next year of meetings in the calendar and to anticipate the friendships he has in store for us in the near future.

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