04 August 2010

2010 Summer Newsletter

Here's an overview of the last handful of months (May through July). Text version follows the link to the print version.

Calling All Partners
I am currently filling many of my days with calls to pastors for more meetings. At any given time, I am working on a list of 50 churches. When I contact a church, I cross it off and add another to the top of list. It’s exciting to see the Lord fill up the next year of meetings in the calendar and to anticipate the friendships he has in store for us in the near future.

Attitude Adjustment
Attitude and perspective are inseparably related. The busyness of travel and the general chaos that is life on the road can be an occasion for loss of perspective and a temptation to an unbelieving attitude.
One help that God sent my way was an old Watts hymn we heard for the first time in one of the churches we visited recently. It opened with words fit to shock me back into a biblical perspective: Great God, how infinite art Thou! What worthless worms are we!
The hymn continued with comfort that obstacles in reaching our goal of serving in Kenya are merely “trifling cares” in God’s eyes. His eternal plan “moves on...undisturbed.”
Seeing things from his perspective, we can stand amazed that he has everything under control. Because of the work of Christ, we can delight in the God who dwarfs our setbacks and frustrations. We can seek his will for today, for the hour, knowing that he is infinitely well-equipped to take care of tomorrow for his people.
This infinite and eternal power of God to bring about happy ends to his affairs is a reason to Let the whole race of creatures bow, And pay their praise to Thee.

Meetings and Other News
• 16–19 May, Westside Baptist, Greeley, CO • We were excited to participate in the church’s first mission conference and to watch as they planned their own outreach ministry to a local university.
• 23 May, Grace Baptist, West Valley City, UT • It was neat to get to see Pastor Matt Johnson wisely build up the theological foundations of the church and unite them around the truth of the Scriptures.
• 26–28 May, International Bible Baptist, San Leandro, CA • I loved the vision and passion of these believers as they sought to fulfill the Great Commission by planting local churches that in turn plant local churches.
• 30 May, Hope Community Bible, North Hills, CA • Pastor Leigh’s commitment to understanding the Scriptures from the original languages spurred me on in my own studies.
• 13 June, Northwest Baptist, ABQ • We’ve seen much less of our friends there since our time with them during Jenny’s pregnancy; it was so good to visit again!
• 20 June, Alameda Bible, ABQ • Their friendly welcome and attentiveness to the word was an encouragement to me as we enjoyed our follow-up visit with this church.
• 18 July, Rockwall Bible Church Rockwall, TX • I was struck by the ambitious prayer-project this Dallas-area church has begun. They desire to see a solid Bible-believing church in every county in Texas.
• 21–25 July, Community Baptist, Brighton, CO • Finally we enjoyed a follow-up visit with this Denver-area church. I was grateful for the opportunity to work, camp, and preach with members here—and sad to leave.

Kids’ Corner
While Jonas continues to develop his mobility skills, his vocabulary is beginning to blossom. Kitty, mama, banana, and ‘Siah (sometimes Sasa) are among the additions of the last month or two.

The Pittsleys Thank God for:
• Opportunities to serve and to be encouraged at Community Baptist, Brighton, CO.
• Safety over the thousands of miles traveled already this year.
• Good meetings and solid contacts.

Please Pray With Us for:
• More meetings and partners for this year.
• Our ministry to be an encouragement to churches.
• Our health and safety for future travels.

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