24 September 2010

Another Compelling Opportunity

 The last couple of weeks have brought about some significant changes in our plans for the immediate future. On 10-Sep I was contacted by my home church pastors about an urgent need and opportunity. Central Africa Baptist College in Kitwe, Zambia, was looking for qualified Bible teachers to come for a year to fill in for recent staff changes and missionaries on furlough. InterCity recommended that I seize the opportunity and gave me time to pray about it and seek counsel.

I am so thankful for the many new friends that I have come to know over the last year and a half. I spent a couple of hours that weekend contacting a number of wise pastors and other church leaders who asked me a number of good questions, prayed with me, and gave me sound, biblical counsel. The church leaders I have spoken to have been unanimously supportive of InterCity's recommendation to take the opportunity. So in the early morning hours of 20-Sep, I agreed to the contract via email and confirmed my intent to teach at CABC for 2011!

KitweWe look forward to this hiatus in our support-raising efforts for a number of reasons. (1) The privilege to train men for Christ full-time is something I have been praying and preparing to do (academically and financially) for more than a decade. It is so good to get to work! (2) Taking this position would provide me with valuable ministry experience for a lifetime of ministry in Kenya. (3) It would give me a working model that I can adapt for the school we plan to start near Nairobi. (4) Also a year of ministry in Subsaharan Africa will serve to confirm our calling to this kind of work. (5) Relatedly this opportunity would add to my ministry credibility for finishing up deputation in 2012. As churches pray for wisdom about investing their resources, they often give ministry experience significant weight. So it is our prayer that, while we may arrive in Kenya a bit later, we will have less total deputation time.

We have loads of work to get done before that we leave. Passports, visas, shots, packing, visiting family, and a number of church meetings lie between us and our departure in mid-to-late January.

Please pray that God provides funds for travel, one-time expenses, and other ongoing needs. Pray that documentation would progress quickly and that our little ones will bear up under the stress of travel, and shots, and the transition. Pray for my preparation. I am already studying now for one course and others will be added to my load as we approach. I yearn to make a positive difference for Christ's name in the lives of these men.

Praise the Lord for this exciting opportunity! God has provided through our partners, and our current support level is nearly sufficient for this term in Zambia. What a God we serve!


Ann Rees said...

Fantastic news!!! Sounds like a great opportunity for preparation for Kenya!!!

Anonymous said...

Should be a great learning experience.

Michael Rains.