07 September 2010

Meetings Near and Far

Rockwall Bible's DC Missions Team
Since our quarterly newsletter, we've had the great opportunity of taking a follow-up trip to Rockwall Bible Church in the Dallas area. The pastor and much of the youth group were out of town, sharing the gospel on a missions trip to Washington, D.C.; but we enjoyed the chance to get to know many others in the church. I was particularly excited about a family who is beginning preparations for missions in Uganda. The Lord is sending out labors into his harvest! We look forward to seeing what God has for this missions-minded church.

Jonas catches a ride from Taylor of GBFJust before that we presented our work at Grace Bible Fellowship. Jenny and I treasure the friendships we have been able to strike up with the folks of this church, and it was good to have an opportunity to present our work to all of them and to preach in the morning service.

Please pray as I continue to make calls to pastors for meetings. I am turning the corner now and beginning to concentrate almost entirely on next year's meetings in the Midwest. We are looking forward to what God has for us there and hope that this will be the final leg in our journey to full-time ministry in Kenya for the sake of his name.

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