14 October 2010


The Pittsleys have been making many preparations since my last post. First we began to track down documents that we would need for passports and visas. We also began catching everyone up on shots. So far only Jonas has received them, but there are more to come.

We have been glad for opportunities to continue to meet with churches and present our ministry plans. The support-raising task is not complete, and we are praying for a couple more partner-churches before we leave for Zambia. Two weeks ago, we met Immanuel Bible Church in Scottsdale, AZ, near Phoenix. We especially enjoyed participating with them in an adult Bible study before the Sunday morning service. Pastor Matteson helpfully moved the whole group toward a fuller understanding of the passage by carefully mixing instruction with thought-provoking discussion.

Last week I took a few days to go to Albuquerque alone to go through our stuff in storage there. I think I'll need another trip or two before I have what we need for Zambia. I'm grateful for God's provision of a place for storage while we raise support and travel the world!

This last Sunday we visited Sun Valley Baptist again, where I had the opportunity to preach and discuss some of my plans for the upcoming months. We are thankful for the continued partnership of this church with our ministry.

Tuesday, we sent off the applications for Jenny's expedited passport renewal and mine. Yesterday we received Josiah's and Jonas's passports. God answered our prayers that getting them would go smoothly. Please pray that our documents come back as quickly as the kids'.

Tomorrow we leave for California to visit a handful of churches there and present our ministry. Please pray that God would grant us a couple more partners among them.

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