04 November 2010

2010 Autumn Newsletter

Here's an overview of the last handful of months (August through October). Text version follows the link to the print version.

At the Heart of Our Mission
Recently I reembarked on a journey through the missions text, Let the Nations Be Glad! In the introduction the author, John Piper, tempers excitement about the progress of the gospel in places like Africa and Asia with the tragedy of a similar spread of the cancer of the prosperity gospel. He quotes one African preacher: “Many are ignorant of the fact that God has already made provision for his children to be wealthy here on earth.…Break loose! It is not a sin to desire to be wealthy” (3rd ed., p. 19). Friends, the only effective weapon against this kind of teaching is the exposition of the clear Word of God. And training men to do that is at the heart of our mission!

Recent Meetings and Other News
8-Aug: We were grateful for an opportunity to present our work to Grace Bible Fellowship, El Paso, TX. Jenny and I treasure the friendships we have been able to strike up with the folks of this church.
29-Aug: We had the great opportunity of taking a follow-up trip to Rockwall Bible Church in the Dallas area. We especially enjoyed the chance to get to know a family there who is beginning preparations for missions in Uganda. The Lord is sending out labors into his harvest!
10-Sep: We received notice of an urgent need for a teacher in Zambia for all of 2011. After giving time to prayer and fielding advice from many pastors and friends, we ultimately accepted the assignment.
19-Sep: We recited two chapters of Revelation by memory with Grace Bible Fellowship as part of a project to recite the whole book in a single morning service.
3-Oct: We met with Immanuel Bible Church in Scottsdale, AZ, near Phoenix. We were inspired by Pastor Matteson’s skill in leading his new small group, carefully mixing instruction with thought-provoking discussion that Sunday.
6–9-Oct: I took a few days to go to Albuquerque alone to go through our stuff in storage there. I think I'll need another trip or two before I have what we need for Zambia.
10-Oct: We visited Sun Valley Baptist again, and I had the opportunity to preach and discuss some of my plans for the upcoming months. We are thankful for the faithful ministry of this church—now serving for over 50 years!
17-Oct: We enjoyed our time with First Fundamental Bible Church in the LA area. Their love for expository preaching was refreshing for me to see.
31-Oct: We returned to another home away from home at Crossway Baptist Church in Bakersfield, CA. It was good to see them again and update them on the Zambia project.

Kids’ corner
On our way back from our visit with Rockwall Bible Church we visited the Ft. Worth Zoo. our visit was quick, but the kids seemed to like it. Jonas found the snow tiger intriguing, repeating “diddy” (kitty) over and over as he pointed. Yes, Jonas, big kitty.

Praise and Prayer Reminders
Praise the Lord (1) for friends old and new who are becoming committed partners in ministry, and (2) for the opportunity to serve during 2011 in Zambia.

Please pray (1) for smooth and rapid preparations for travel to Zambia, (2) for a solid and helpful teaching ministry in 2011, (3) for the rest of our budgeted financial support for Kenya.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership in the gospel!
For Christ and Kenya,
Jeremy with Jenny, Josiah, and Jonas

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