20 December 2010

Saying Goodbyes

Since our last update I've travelled nearly coast-to-coast and settled back somewhere in the middle. On 7 November, we met with the people of Community Baptist Church, San Luis Obispo, CA. We took an extra opportunity on that Monday to get to know Pastor Shanks and his family. It was encouraging to me to get to know this group of faithful believers reaching out to their changing community.
Next, we went to Lubbock Baptist Temple. Since my aunt lives in the area, we invited her along to the meetings when we presented our ministry; we were glad for the opportunity for the kids to meet her. Lubbock Baptist Temple was a delight to get to know, and we think they may become our partners in the future.

After that I flew via Charlotte, NC, to Atlanta for the ETS conference. Like last year, the conference proved an encouragement to delve deeper into the study of the Scriptures and a great opportunity to catch up with friends from my time in seminary. I was grateful for the opportunity to hear directly from authors I've read on topics I will be teaching on next semester.
The weekend after Thanksgiving, we went to Liberty Baptist Church in Grand Junction. We knew we had planned our timing perfectly when we found out that we would have a chance to enjoy a post-Thanksgiving pie fellowship at the church! We were glad for the opportunity to get to know them better. They were also kind enough to house us until we had a break in the weather to get to Denver on the way home.
Since then we have been saying our goodbyes to our partner-churches here in El Paso. We visited Sun Valley Baptist on 5 December and Grace Bible Fellowship over the last two Sundays. We will miss all these folks as we go on to Zambia as their representatives for Christ.
I have been using some of the down time from meetings to plug away at my notes for Apologetics and OT Prophets. It is has been a delight to study the prophets especially during this time of year as we look forward to Christmas. Their vision of David's final Heir and the kingdom he would bring offers fresh perspective and real hope when the world offers only superficial celebrations.
Before Christmas I am hoping to travel to Albuquerque to pack up and store some of our stuff here and to get rid of some of our stuff there. So there's one more car trip before the long trip up to New York.
Our plan is to spend some time with Jenny's family and our partners at New Testament Baptist in Syracuse, NY. That's from Christmas Day until we leave for Michigan in the middle of January. After just a brief time with our sending church and friends at InterCity Baptist, we fly to Zambia.

Pray that God keeps us safe and healthy during this time of travel. Pray also that God would use my preparation time to grow me spiritually so that I am equipped to teach his word in Zambia. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

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