28 April 2011

Race to the End

Hanging Out with Uncle Phil and CorbanAs the students come off of their Easter Break, we begin our blitz to the finish line for the semester. It has been exciting to watch students excel at their classes through diligence and tenacity. In Apologetics we are beginning to compare various apologetic models and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each. In Major and Minor Prophets we have entered the theology portion of the class synthesizing the material from the prophets and highlighting passages that are particularly significant for the major branches of theology addressed in that portion of Scripture.

The month of April was a month of further adjustments to living in Africa. I caught my first case of malaria around the beginning of the month and was very thankful for a group of friends who were familiar enough with the symptoms to diagnose me and get a course of treatment into my hands. Within 36 hours I was feeling much better. Full recovery takes some time, I am told, but I am basically back to normal.

Our Flat (Pre-paint), Josiah, and Storm abrewin'
Another area of adjustment has been transportation. Upon arriving in Kitwe we began using taxis because they were very easy to find when we have needed them and because they are comparably cheap. Now we are becoming familiar enough with the way the city works to use public transport. Our new Zambian friends have been especially helpful in showing us the ropes on many points, and their advice here has been particularly handy. Understanding the basics of the system has opened up the city for us and made everything much more accessible.

Easy there, big fella.For example, we have been able to get Jenny in to a clinic in the center of town for the last two weeks in a row. As many of you now know we are expecting a baby in mid-July. On our first visit to the clinic, we were able to get an ultrasound. It appears we are going to have another boy! Jenny will continue to have regular visits while we prepare for our new addition. Pray for God's protection, a healthy pregnancy, and safe delivery.

A recent development has come in the way of ministry opportunities. The Zambian church we attend here, Faith Baptist Church, Riverside, has an outreach Sunday this week for the students of the local state university in Kitwe. I am hoping to be able to get involved weekly on campus to help the church reach out to this exciting mission field in their backyard. Pray that God would open doors of opportunity for ministry and grant boldness and wisdom as we seek to serve these students and share the gospel of Christ.

Thank you for your prayers!

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