14 May 2011

Drying Up and Cooling Down

'Siah and the Millipede
As I mentioned two posts ago, I have been planning to begin to post more frequently now that life has settled down and become a bit better connected. I hope today will mark the start of that.

When we arrived here in Zambia we were in the middle of the rainy season. A typical day carried heat in the morning and early afternoon followed by late afternoon or nighttime rain. Now the days are cooling down and drying up. We have not seen rain for a couple of weeks now, and we probably won't see it again until October at the earliest. The other day Jenny and I were grinning at a radio announcement reminding listeners to dress warmly. It was around 80˚F/27˚C. We could get used to this!

Playing ball with Mark
Recently I began asking around for ways to get allergy medicine. Helen, an RN in our new network of missionary friends, told me simply to ask at the chemist/pharmacist. I felt kind of silly when it worked. I found both a Tavist and a Zyrtec counterpart at one of the chemists downtown. I should have tried that a month earlier when my nose decided it wanted to give Victoria Falls a run for its money. In any event, I am very happy to have a solution to that problem. Sometimes you just need that gentle nudge before you open your eyes and try the obvious solution.

This Wednesday the Apologetics students began delivering their papers in class. So far I have appreciated their commitment to the Scriptures and to using this class as an opportunity to hone their interaction with a sin-darkened world. These papers are also proving a great opportunity for me to be exposed to African Christian interaction with African non-Christian thinking. I have so much more to learn! Pray that God would grant us each discernment, fairness, and faithfulness to the Scriptures as we tackle these issues in African apologetics.
Laundry Day at CBU

I mentioned last post that I was going to begin working with our local church's campus ministry. So far we are following up on the visitors who came for CBU Sunday, 1-May. I believe there are also plans to do a regular on-campus Bible study. Pray that God would use that outreach to win disciples for Christ.

We are supremely thankful to God and our partners for our time here. We've never been happier.

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers!

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