05 June 2011


The last couple of weeks have seen major progress on issues that we have been praying about since before we left for Zambia.

Around the middle of last month, we received great news regarding the tax situation in Kenya. My mission president (who is also my home church pastor, David Doran) approved of our team’s plan to continue missions in Kenya in accordance with current tax laws. A good deal of hard work and research went into finding options that would allow this plan to be feasible for us. This prayerfully considered solution will be costly, and budgets will need to be adjusted, but we know that God’s resources and zeal for his name among the nations go far beyond our imagination. Praise the Lord that the team was able to work out a solution, and pray that we are able to quickly raise the necessary support to live and work in Kenya.

Allowed to Work
Next we were finally able to acquire my work permit. Up until now we had been having difficulty getting all the proper documents for our stay here in Zambia. We had so many visitor visa renewals that a friend here was wondering if we would have enough passport pages to last the year! A number of fruitless trips to the immigration office had determined that the work permit was missing. But finally, in a huge answer to prayer on Tuesday, the official who is in charge of getting travel documents from the capital, Lusaka, to our regional political center, Ndola, was able to point out a previous oversight and uncovered our missing work permit. These documents are especially important considering that without all the proper documents we will not be able to get baby #3 out of the country when that time comes. Praise the Lord for progress, and please pray that further delays are minimized in that process.

Two Fridays ago some minor muscle discomfort I had been experiencing pushed me to consult a local doctor. He diagnosed a minor and common genetic muscle defect that was waiting, evidently until a particularly active time in my life, to become a problem. It is nothing serious, but I will need to go to South Africa to have the outpatient surgery done to prevent it from becoming serious. Please pray for a quick, safe trip and surgery.

The soreness has reduced some of my activity recently, but I was still very glad when I had the opportunity this morning to meet the university student who will be my contact for serving the students at Copperbelt University as the year rolls on. Saturday will be my first time to attend their Bible study meeting.

Jenny and the baby appear to be completely healthy. She is making preparations for the baby’s arrival, and Josiah and Jonas are looking forward to their new brother. If you would like to help out with a few items that we are having some friends bring our way, feel free to contact us directly. We can put you in touch with the right people. We appreciate your help.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us!

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