19 June 2011

Recovering and Preparing

Exams are finished and returned. Papers are graded. The break has begun. Just before the students left we had one last works-of-God chapel. It was exciting to see how God has been working among us and to pray for ministry struggles some of the men are working through. We serve a living, active God.

The Saturday before I left for South Africa, I was able to attend my first Bible study with the CBU students. We had some fruitful discussion relating to wisely apply the Scriptures to the issue of music. We shared some testimonies and prayer requests. I am looking forward to getting more involved here.

Early Monday afternoon I took off for my whirlwind trip to South Africa. I met my doctor Tuesday morning, and he was performing surgery on me by that afternoon. This was my first time ever having surgery, and I am glad it went well. The rest of Tuesday was pretty painful. I was so glad for the help of the Brunks and the Marshes who saw to my needs while I was there. Robert Marsh even brought me a double cheeseburger and fries from a nearby McDonald's while I was stuck in the hospital bed. Wednesday, I was able to get out of bed with help and slowly—really slowly—get ready to leave the hospital. By the end of that day, I was amazed at how quickly moving around just a bit had eased the pain and helped the recovery process.

The doctor said I would be up and around in 24–48 hours, and that I would be fully recovered after 3–4 weeks. I appear to be on track. I flew home on Thursday after the doctor's final approval.

Now I am trying to use the obligatory downtime to prepare for my classes. I am signed up to teach Research and Writing and OT Poetic books. I may also be introducing Hebrew to the curriculum here as a single-semester, beginner's elective. I hope also to make good progress during this break in scheduling meetings for next year. If you know of any church in the Southwest or in the Great Lakes Region that might like us to visit to present our ministry to Kenya, please feel free to send me info.

We are also preparing for a few arrivals over the next month. First, our friends, the Shermans, are arriving from the Detroit area. We have been looking forward to their arrival and help in the ministry here at CABC. Second, Pastor Doran, my sending church pastor, will be teaching the college's block course this summer. I am looking forward to seeing him and sitting in on some of his classes. Third, the new addition to our family is scheduled to arrive in about one month!

I'm so thankful for a successful surgery; please pray that I can recover quickly and fully. Please also mention the following as you come before the Lord Jesus:

  • Fruitful outreach at CBU, the local secular university
  • Fruitful ministry training at CABC, both for the block class and for next semester
  • Safe and healthy delivery of Baby #3
  • A schedule for next year full of divine appointments to get us into ministry in Kenya quickly
Thank you for your faithful prayers!

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