29 July 2011

Welcoming Jamin

Directly after our last update my sending church pastor, David Doran, arrived for a block class on expository preaching. He seemed glad to be here, and we were so glad to have him. There were over 150 men who came ready to work hard on their own skills at interpreting and explaining the Word of God. I grabbed a number of opportunities to get to know our guests and understand their struggles and joys in ministry. Many expressed interest in returning for future classes, both in the block-class form and in the regular semester-length setup.

Those regular classes began last Thursday. I have an exciting line-up with OT Wisdom and Poetic books, Research and Writing, and, most exciting for me, Introduction to Hebrew! I prize the opportunity to help these men develop critical thinking skills and to equip them with tools for understanding the Word. Sarah Sherman will be teaching one of three days a week for Research and Writing. Her help during this busy time has been invaluable. I have also been sitting in on Kevin Sherman's Greek Exegesis of James class. The class is small, so I am looking forward to good discussion over this very practical letter. Pray for us as we work through a pretty busy schedule, especially with certain recent additions to our responsibilities.

One of those additions is that we will soon be starting a book study of Galatians with the CBU students. The Bible fellowship on campus at the local university will be inviting some of their friends to hear the gospel as we work through this eminent epistle. Pray that God would grant fruit for his glory.

Of course, the major addition to our schedule is Jamin Luther Pittsley! God granted Jenny strength through labor and a safe delivery at 8:40pm, on Tuesday, 19 July. Jamin was 9lbs 12oz and 20.5in. Praise the Lord for this answer to prayer and for such a precious gift and addition to our family!

As always, thank you for your faithful prayers!


Anonymous said...

Dear Pittsleys,

Glad to hear Jamin was born safe and sound.

Michael Rains.

Jeremy Pittsley said...

Thanks, Michael. God is good.