28 March 2012

And Back Again

Jamin Explores Backwards
After our last update, we continued our time with Crossway Baptist Church in Bakersfield, enjoying the company of church members throughout the week. The Lord has been kind to guide us into partnership with this young church; it's exciting for us to be taken on as a church's first missionary family!
On that Friday, we left Bakersfield for the San Francisco Bay area. We stayed at the prophet's chamber of First Baptist Church of Pinole and updated the church on our ministry that Sunday. FBC Pinole has consistently helped us with lodging as we have sought partners in the bay area. We're thankful for the way they have reached out to us as a family and their consistent investment of resources in the prophet's chamber and missionary closet.
Josiah Goofing Around After Services
On Monday of last week, I had a meeting with a few pastors from Grace Baptist Church of Fremont. We spent several hours discussing missions philosophy in general and the Kenya work in particular. The goal is a thriving movement of churches, independent of foreign resources, planting churches locally and globally. We believe that the means to that end is church-based theological education—grounding believers and training leaders to defend and proclaim the true faith. We hope that more will come of that discussion and that we'll have opportunity to get to know the Grace Baptist better in the future.
Golden Gate Bridge
I spent most of the week working on the script for an updated video as well as expense reporting for the business side of my work for last year's finances.
Sunday, we enjoyed meeting Pastor Charlie Eldred, his family, and Fairway Park Baptist Church. They had a number of excellent questions about our ministry to Kenya. The next night we visited a missions conference at Calvary Baptist in San Francisco. We have high hopes of seeing more of these two churches in the future.
This week and next, we have the herculean task of going through a mass of possessions that are now in storage back in New Mexico and Texas. We need wisdom and grace to decide what goes with us up to the Great Lakes Region (and eventually to Kenya) and what we can live without. Pray for speedy, productive and wise work.
Thank you for your continued partnership through prayer!

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