10 March 2012

Spreading the Word About Kenya

Our Name In Lights ;)
We praise the Lord for a great time with Community Baptist Church, Brighton, CO, just after our last update. We are grateful for the relationships we have had the opportunity to build over our multiple visits with this church.

That week I was also able to present our ministry to a number of pastors at a luncheon hosted by Grace Bible Church, Colorado Springs. More and more I find myself referring to Titus 1:9 as we explain the goals of our mission. There Paul says that an elder of a church "must hold firmly to the trustworthy message as it has been taught, so that he can encourage others by sound doctrine and refute those who oppose it." Kenya, just like Crete in Titus's day, needs strong local leaders in its churches. It needs pastors who can equip people to leave behind nominal Christianity for a vital, working, growing faith in Christ. It needs overseers who can guard the flock against false teachers who would arise like wolves from within or attack from without. We are eager, prayerful, and excited that God would use us as his means to equip his church in this area of the world. I was grateful for the opportunity to spread the word among these pastors about the needs in Kenya for theological education and to explain what we are doing to meet those needs.
7 Crazy Boys & 4 Smiling Parents
Next we met with Highlands Baptist Church in the southern Denver suburbs. We had such a great time here with some of the members here as they had us over for meals and fellowship. We were also glad to have an opportunity to finally meet Steve and Toni Hafler who have been missionaries both to Nairobi, Kenya, and to Kitwe, Zambia. We are hopeful that our friendship with this church will soon blossom to full-fledged partnership.

Two Sundays ago put us at High Country Baptist Church in Colorado Springs. We were housed by two generous families during our time there, both of which had children similar to ours in age. We all had a blast and doubt that we'll soon forget our time with this church. One outgrowth of our time there was an opportunity to present our work to Ordway Baptist Church on Wednesday of that week. When we stumble on surprises like this, we can only rejoice that God is setting up appointments ahead of us and making our path to Kenya straight for the sake of his Son.
Friends, Old and New
I've enjoyed this last week of fellowship with our friends in California. Tomorrow I will be updating Crossway Baptist Church and teaching the evening Bible study there.

So many are faithfully praying for us! God has been answering your prayers and providing for our needs. Thank you all for your prayers and partnership in the gospel of grace.

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