12 June 2012

Great Lakes Gait

May proved to be a high-mileage time for the Pittsleys. I have taken three trips over to Michigan, and Jenny and the kids have been with me for two of them. I have been down to Texas and over to Wisconsin. God has graciously kept and shepherded us each step of the way.

Josiah with the Moores
Our first trip to Michigan was to visit our sending church, InterCity Baptist Church, for Mother's Day. We also visited our missionary partners, the Moores, who are also currently raising support to go to Kenya. We loved the opportunity to catch up with friends and plan for future ministry opportunities in that area.

Next, I had an opportunity to visit Sun Valley Baptist, in El Paso, Texas. To save some cash, I took the long bus ride from Syracuse to Detroit and flew out from the airport there. I was grateful for two households that were gracious to host me while I was passing through Detroit on the way to and from El Paso. The occasion for my trip back home was the commencement ceremony of the Christian school that I attended from kindergarten to 12th grade. I enjoyed the opportunity to exhort this class to keep the faith, no matter what else they lost, by beholding our unstoppable God. My time in El Paso also afforded me the opportunity to preach at Grace Bible Fellowship and to help my parents with a few home improvement projects.
Boys Celebrate Jonas's Third Birthday
Last week we went through Michigan again on our way to Madison, Wisconsin. There we visited Meadowood Baptist Church and a family Jenny knew from her childhood. I enjoyed casting a vision directly from the Great Commission in Matthew 28, showing why a work like ours is necessary for Kenya. The work isn't done until we are partnering with Kenyans to reach unreached tribes and territories for Christ's name all over the world!

While we are here in New York, we have been visiting Calvary Baptist Church in Preble, a small town to the south of Syracuse. Pray that our presentation there on 24 June will go well and that a partnership will develop from the relationship we are building there.

Thank you for praying for us!

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