08 December 2012

Homes for the Holidays

Jonathan and Dan Christmas Shopping
Praise the Lord for granting us many mercies over the last several weeks.
I spent much of the month of November traveling to conferences. First came the BILD Summit where I was able to meet with Dan Huffstutler and Jonathan Moore, our missions team partners. I relished the chance to get updates from Dan about the progress of the work in Nairobi and to discuss ministry plans for the near future.
Next I traveled on to Milwaukee for the ETS conference. This is always a good opportunity to network with friends and fellow educators, especially my friends from DBTS. Kevin Sherman, who worked alongside us in Zambia last year, was with the DBTS group, and we enjoyed a number of conversations about theology, leadership development, and our prospects for cooperation in the future.
Grabbed Useful Books at ETS
We were grateful to spend Thanksgiving with Jenny's family while we continued meeting with churches in the Northeast. After a restful weekend and a refreshing time presenting at Open Door Baptist Church, I packed and prepared for a few months of support raising in the Southwest. That next Wednesday, I preached in chapel at Cortland Christian Academy. Then we were off for Albuquerque, NM.
Our time in the Northeast was very profitable, and we look forward to moving ahead with our relationships there in the spring. I hope to produce a print newsletter this next week with an overview of our work there. We pray our time here in the Southwest will likewise add to our growing network of supporters.
Before heading for El Paso, our family nabbed an opportunity to visit with Alameda Bible Church in Albuquerque. This church has faithfully supported us through their prayers over the last few years, and we look forward to years of partnership in the future.

Jamin Reclaims Snow Leopard in ELP
Here are a few other examples of God's mercies and our thanks:
  • Good prospects for partnership continue in the Great Lakes region.
  • We enjoyed a safe trip down to the Southwest.
  • We will be able to share Christmas with my family before leaving the States.
Please pray with us that God will continue to provide:
  • We would like to see four new churches in the Northeast decide to partner with us.
  • We would like to develop relationships with new churches in the Southwest that flourish into partnerships.
  • We need wisdom to shepherd our children to Christ through the celebrations of the season.
I have uploaded our newest video presentation to YouTube:

As always we appreciate your support and prayers!

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