28 January 2013

An Exhilarating Morning

This morning I was able to forward two emails to the business office at Grace Baptist Mission. One was from a church that has supported us for some time, New Testament Baptist. They voted on Sunday to increase our support and are now shouldering 10% of our approved budget.
The other email was also from a Syracuse area church, Heritage Baptist Church. We visited last fall and enjoyed a spirit of camaraderie with this newer church plant. The man who planted the church was a missionary to Brazil for a number of years and shares with us a passion to see godly national leadership truly lead on the mission field. They voted last week to become regular monthly supporters of our work.
Here are prayer requests that I've shared with our partners recently:
• I'm praying for at least 6 new partner churches in the coming three months. These are all churches with which we have some previous connection, and they have indicated some interest in partnering with us.
• I'm praying for quick turnaround on travel documents. I have acquired and/or located almost everything I need for a work visa. Pray that the final document arrives before 18-Feb.
• We need the Lord's protection as we travel to Colorado this week and to California in February and then back East in March. It may still be snowy both in Colorado and in Upstate New York.
• Pray for wisdom as we seek to raise our kids on the road to be humble, loving, wise and godly. God is generous to grant wisdom without scolding his people (James 1:5).

Praise the Lord with us for these two partner churches as well as for two new church contacts here in the Southwest. We've also had two sick kids recover from a flu or flu-like virus.

Thank you for your prayers! We're thrilled to see the Lord's help every step of the way.

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