13 January 2013

Inclined Is God Graciously to Help

"The more severely anyone is oppressed, and the more destitute he is of the resources of human aid, the more inclined is God graciously to help him." As I prepared to preach on 30-Dec, that statement from a well-known pastor caught my eye and has stayed with me. The work of God's Spirit begins with a conviction of our desperate need before him. Even when we're not at fault in our dire circumstances, God's Spirit moves us to acknowledge our needs at the Father's throne. That's why I write these updates too. We have needs, and you have a God who can help us!
The last few weeks I have busied myself contacting pastors about the coming months. We're eager to help churches and develop genuine relationships into gospel partnerships. We've introduced ourselves to two local churches in the area and have been praying to see how the Lord will use these new friendships.
I've also been preparing a spreadsheet detailing our needs for the move to Kenya. A number of churches have asked us about raising a special set of funds, called outfit and passage, to which they can contribute one-time gifts. Plane tickets, bunk beds, and kitchen appliances are all typically included in lists like this, as well as the major cost of bringing a container over. Much of the money we've already saved will go toward this fund, but we're still praying for God's provision for a number of lines on the list.
Another project I've been working on is getting travel documents together. Progress has been steady here, but there's still loads to do. One can never predict how this hunt may get stalled, so we're praying about this too.
Would you join us in our prayers for new partnerships, outfit and passage funds, and travel documents? The fact that we know you are in our corner means so much!
We can't do it without God's help, so thank you for your support and prayers.

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