18 April 2013

Booked Tickets to Kenya

Jamin Simplifies Swahili
Since the release of our spring newsletter, we have been reacquainting ourselves with a few churches in the Syracuse area. We've been glad to meet again with friends at Calvary Baptist, Preble, and Bible Baptist, Cortland. Developing partnerships is often not simply a matter of hitting it off in a short one-time meeting. Being welcomed into a church is one thing, but becoming known is another. We've also been grateful for opportunities to spend time with New Testament Baptist, one of our closest partners.

I also had a great time over lunch with a missionary to South Africa who is now in leadership at Faith Baptist, Cortland. He encouraged me to maintain our focus on developing Kenyan leadership, working to develop confidence in God and his Word and ownership of Christ's worldwide commission.

Pastor John Stevenson
Faith Baptist Baldwinsville
Last Sunday had us in Faith Baptist, Baldwinsville. We were delighted to see how the Lord was working to keep this assembly together and build it up through some times of financial difficulties. Their attentive interest in our ministry was an encouragement to us.

This week we returned to Church of the Open Bible in Burlington, MA, near Boston. We have been relishing the extended time with the believers here and with other missionary families.

Ladies Discuss Missions
Conference Details
Our big announcement for this post is that, after getting a first-term trimmed budget approved, we have had our tickets to Kenya booked for 21-Aug! We're so excited to have an official departure date and have been praising the Lord for providing over 80% of our original budgeted support. On the other hand 21-Aug is now a concrete deadline for a couple of projects:
(1) We still have around $400/mo to raise for our trimmed budget.
(2) We still need at least $18,000 for our outfit and passage expenses.

Please pray with us for these needs.
Thank you for your prayers!

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