30 May 2013

Pennellville, Poughkeepsie, Midlothian

Spring Emerges
The last few weeks have put many miles on our trusty van as we have travelled to spread the word about the incredible opportunities our Lord is granting us in Nairobi, Kenya. Strong Kenyan church leaders are eager to receive tools for training the next generation for service with Christ's word for Christ's world, and we believe God is equipping us to equip them.
Grace Baptist Church of Pennellville hosted a missions conference early this month. We enjoyed sharing our ministry vision through a roundtable discussion with some insightful questions from the church. We loved our time there and look forward to seeing how the Lord directs our relationship in the future.
Train Awaits
After that, we traveled south to Poughkeepsie, NY, the northernmost stop on New York metro's Hudson line. One of my friends at Tabernacle Baptist Church worked to get us an opportunity to present our ministry to the church and hosted us for a great discussion over some delicious New York style pizza.
Another friend of ours was able to secure a meeting for us with the missions leadership team of Grace Bible Church in Midlothian, VA. We stayed the weekend with this family, whom we know from our time in El Paso, and we treasured the opportunity to catch up with them and become familiar with their new ministry venues.
During the last few weeks I have also been able to meet with a few pastors, sharing our ministry dreams with each, and leaving open doors for further discussion when I return to support raising after our first term.
Jamin encounters a neighbor's calf.
We are leaving for Kenya, Lord willing, with the plane that takes off from Detroit on 21-Aug. In addition, we have good prospects to have 90% of our monthly support by the time we depart. Though I admit it would be nice to be even closer to full support, we are setting our hope in Christ, our Captain, that he will care for our supply lines.
We are excited that after a generous gift from InterCity Baptist, our sending church, we can knock our outfit and passage request down to needing at least $6,600. Their gift was used almost immediately to jump on an opportunity that our friends in Nairobi found to acquire a vehicle.
Please pray with us that—along with safety and health and financial provision—the time of busyness would also be a time of personal growth in Christlikeness. Your prayers are precious to us!

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