09 September 2013

Two Moves Later

Dan Huffstutler and I with 8 New EABST Students

Thursday will mark the end of our third week in Kenya. The jam-packed busyness has made it seem longer in some ways; the time we spent developing partners in the States now feels like a world and a lifetime away. Life will soon be settling into a routine.
Since we arrived in Kenya on Thursday, 22-Aug, we have moved twice. Once from the Mennonite Guest House, where we caught some much needed rest and recovery from jet lag, and then again from Paul Weaver's house. (Paul is a missionary supported by my sending church in Michigan; he blogs here.) He graciously allowed us to stay in his home while we got our bearings. Now we are staying on campus at Kenya Baptist Theological College adjoined to the beautiful Brakenhurst Conference Centre about a 40-minute drive from Nairobi. The college hosts the language school where Jenny and I will attend until mid-December.
For the last two Thursdays, I have been able to attend classes with the newest group of students at East Africa Baptist School of Theology, where Jonathan Moore and I will be joining faculty. It is exciting to see the way that the Lord Jesus is working in the men of Emmanuel Baptist to bring about this interest in church-leadership training. Only time will tell what he will do through these eight men.

Please thank the Lord with us for his provision:
Kate Moore, Jonas, and Jamin Climbing a Tree at
the Mennonite Guest House
  • We enjoyed a safe and uneventful (if long) flight to Nairobi.
  • We're very grateful for friends and teammates helping us adjust to life in Kenya.
  • We have found someone to help with childcare while we're in language school.

Please plead with the Lord on our behalf:
  • We have a number of documents we need to acquire for working and living in Kenya. Please pray that these processes go smoothly.
  • I am adjusting to driving on the left side of the road for the first time, and traffic is busy! Please pray for safety on the roads.
  • We will be beginning language school in mid-September. Pray for humility and perseverance as we work to learn Swahili.
  • After language school, we will need to begin learning from informal language helpers starting in January. Pray that we find good ones.

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