02 December 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving

Huffstutler, Moore, and Pittsley Kids Feasting
Thank you for keeping us in your prayers as we concentrate on language study. We were glad this last Thursday to be able to spend the day with our Grace Baptist Mission team members. We have had an amazing year, and we're thankful for the way our Sovereign Captain has led, defended and protected us this year.
Because I am doing my best at this stage to take the position of a learner (especially focusing on the Swahili language at the moment) before presuming to teach, I am not involved in a specific Christmas outreach this year. On the other hand, God’s unspeakable gift of his Son transforms and compels us to open up ourselves and give of ourselves no matter what our level of preparation.
Recently, we were able to visit a man and his family in their home. I befriended the man when he was working close to the school where I am studying Swahili. He has since moved on from that job, but he still lives close by. I asked a local Kenyan pastor (who is also one of my Swahili teachers) about the best way forward, and he encouraged me to continue to befriend the man and his family. The man claims to be a believer, so the pastor encouraged me to disciple him and help him become securely attached to a local body of believers. I am hoping to carve out some time in the coming month to do just that. Please pray for wisdom and the progress of the gospel in and through me, this man, and his family.
Thanksgiving with the GBM Kenya team
God has provided an opportunity to train pastors in Yei, South Sudan. South Sudan emerged from decades of civil war as one of the world’s youngest countries in 2011. The church there has certainly felt the sting of societal instability, and many pastors have very little training in handling the Scriptures whatsoever. Please pray that God will use the block classes my ministry teammate, Dan Huffstutler, and I will be teaching to establish, stabilize, and grow his church in South Sudan. Dan’s class on Bible interpretation will be held from 6-Dec to 11-Dec, and my class on the book of Romans will be held from 13-Dec to 18-Dec.
We are elated about your specific prayers for us. Thank you for sharing with us in the work “for the sake of the Name” (3 John 7).

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