25 January 2014

Living in Syokimau

Jamin Lounges with Seuss on the Couch
Last night marked the second full week after our move to our new apartment on the southeast side of Nairobi, in an area called Syokimau. We're grateful for your prayers and for God's help in allowing us to get our container through customs without too much time, hassle, or expense. Now, we are slowly making progress in homemaking and organizing.

My Balcony Office
(Complete with Improvised Desk Space)
Our school term at EABST, where my teammates and I equip Kenyans for church leadership, officially began two Thursdays ago when students and faculty met to discuss the core values and vision of the school.

I have a simple strategy for arriving to class on time. The big idea is that if I leave early enough I won't encounter traffic which will make my commute both quicker and safer. On Thursday, 16-Jan, it took me less than 35 minutes to get to the school facility—so far so good. This week I followed roughly the same plan for travel I had before. On Thursday, 23-Jan, due to an overturned tanker, the same route took 3.5 hours! I can see the wisdom of God in leading the Weaver family to make sure that Jenny and I had a good taste of Nairobi traffic when we came on our survey trip in 2007 so that we would know what we were signing up for. I'm grateful for the safety God provided and for patient students who were sympathetic with me in my tardiness.

We are always encouraged by your commitment to pray for us.
Please pray for weekly Bible classes for church leaders. I am teaching the book of Acts this term.
Please pray for further progress with building relationships in our new neighborhood. We want to "make the teaching about God our Savior attractive" in this community (Titus 2:10).

Praise the Lord for granting quick clearance of our container.
Praise the Lord for providing a new place to live. It's closer to our ministry operations; it will provide many opportunity to serve Kenyans in everyday life; and it's affordable.

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Unknown said...

Isn´t it great! you are making a new life and getting settled. Praise the Lord!