05 April 2014

Increase in Activity

Google News on Eastleigh, Nairobi
Since my last update there is been an increase in militant Muslim activity and governmental reprisals. Vicious cycles of violence have characterized human history. Twenty-first century East Africa is no exception. The Kenyan men at the Bible college assure me that the current state of affairs is within the realm of normal, so we're trusting God and staying vigilant. Up to this point our routine has been uninterrupted; we're grateful for God's gracious protection. Paul instructed Timothy and the Ephesian believers to pray for stability for the sake of the progress of the gospel (1 Tim 2), so I will ask you to pray the same way.
I've also been increasing my own activity. Specifically, I've taken up an editing project, working through a discipleship curriculum used by one of our closest partners, Crossway Baptist Church. The goal is to produce a springboard from which our Kenyan partners can develop a curriculum for the Nairobi context. It looks like I'll be working with one of the students here to produce a children's discipleship curriculum as well. Please pray that these two curricula bear fruit in the lives of believers here. The fact that God allows us to give our lives to this kind of work in this place is thrilling.
A third increase of activity is microbiological. The last month and a half has had the Pittsley kids sick several times. We've got some new germs to get used to here and appreciate your prayers on that point.
Since the beginning of the year, we've added two new partners to our network of supporting churches. These additions get us up to around 92% of our original budgeted support. Praise the Lord for providing for our needs! As always, thank you for your prayers.

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