16 July 2014

History of Christianity in Africa

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The last few weeks much of my time has been spent preparing for and enjoying a block class on the history of Christianity in Africa. We're hosting Dr. Jeff Straub from Central Baptist Seminary in Minnesota. Jeff teaches missions as well as church history at Central. It has been a delight to interact with him both in theology and missions philosophy during non-class hours.
One of the highlights of the class has been seeing the role of African theologians in early church history. All of us as Christians share in this rich theological heritage and should rejoice to God for the help these men lent to those early struggles for orthodoxy. I'm looking forward to the discussion of what we can do to continue that struggle for orthodoxy and spread a pure gospel in this generation on this continent and around the world. Praise the Lord for these opportunities to learn, think, and grow.
Please pray for us as we finish our work for these inter-term block classes and prepare for the next term. I will be teaching a class on the Old Testament Latter Prophets (basically the Major and Minor Prophets) this coming term, a class on leadership in the New Testament, and a class for new students on our educational philosophy at EABST. We appreciate your continued prayers on our behalf: we long to see the name of Christ magnified through our lives.

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