01 August 2014

Ecclesiologically Driven

As we ramp up for classes beginning in about two weeks, Jonathan and I have been talking about the school with the pastoral staff at Emmanuel Baptist, the school's home church, as well as meeting via Skype with Dan, the school's director. A recurring emphasis in our conversations has been that EABST is a church-driven ministry. To me, that entails four commitments: (1) The school is accountable to a local church. (2) Our faculty and students are individually serving in and accountable to local churches. (3) The school seeks to cultivate the priority of local church ministry among the student body. (4) And the church, not the school itself, is what we aim to perpetuate. When we say we're church-driven, that means the church is in the driver's seat.
A twin emphasis for our school is academic excellence. One of our Kenyan pastors has repeatedly warned us against lowering our academic standards based on misconceived notions about our cultural context. That's lazy thinking, and it will hurt the planting of churches in the long run. Thorough Bible knowledge, analytical reading, critical thinking, sound reasoning, and clear communication are all skills that are necessary for pastors. Those requirements compel us to take our work seriously. Please pray for us as we strive to give these present and future leaders our all for the sake of the Name.
On the family front, Josiah has been enjoying a week of football (i.e., soccer) camp on the other side of town. We're glad he has this opportunity to exercise, to work on athletic skills, and to build friendships. He's having a blast!
Thank you for partnering with us in prayer and support.

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