20 October 2014


This last week I had a good opportunity to learn about the fragility of human bodies and plans. On Monday night, I suddenly contracted a fever. (I know where the thoughts of many of you are going right now; let me catch up in a moment.) Usually my body temp runs a bit lower than normal, and this was an unusually high fever. Tuesday, I went to class as normal, using over-the-counter medication to keep my temperature normal. No other symptoms were presenting other than that my body hurt, and I didn't have an appetite. Wednesday afternoon found me finally dragging myself into the doctor's office. We breathed a sigh of relief when he diagnosed a minor bacterial infection which has since been cleared with antibiotics. I'm thankful to the Lord that the recovery was such an easy one.
Now some of you are aware of the Ebola threat that exists in some parts of our continent and have asked about our relative danger. To answer, people here are concerned about the issue and being careful, but life is proceeding as normal. The nearest recent case is further away than Mexico is from Canada, and travel across the continent is generally restricted to the economic minority in any case. Thank you for your concerns and especially your prayers as we continue to serve the name of Christ in this nation.

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