20 November 2014


Image by Ute Frevert;
False color by Margaret Shear
About a week and a half after my trip into Western Kenya, I began to show tell-tale signs of having contracted malaria while I was there: fever, extreme fatigue, and general muscle aches. I believe two facts saved me from enduring the worst of this disease: (1) Treatment is readily available everywhere, including at the mall a few minutes from our home. (2) And I was familiar with the signs from previous experience, so I could seek treatment quickly. My fever was gone the day after beginning treatment, and I've continued to recover my strength since. I only missed one class session. Praise God for answering our prayers for health!

My classes will be continuing into the second week of December. Today we'll be finishing up our overview of the Latter Prophets with a look at the intent and theology of Ezekiel. Pray for insight into the Scriptures as students complete their projects and for wisdom for the faculty as we assess their work. God has been good to grant a great term; please pray for a strong finish.

Your prayers for us are one of our greatest treasures. Thank you for exalting God by faithfully sharing with us our dependence on him.

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